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What are the chances of an 85 year-old man surviving open-heart surgery?
The doctors have decided on replacing one of the valves in his heart with one taken from a pig. He's a WW2 amputee who is ridiculously physically healthy and mentally sound. Two weeks ago his lungs were drained of fluid that had built up, and we've been told that his heart has only been working at 1/3 capacity,.

Jeanne R
My 86 year old uncle had chest surgery two months ago to prevent future buildup of fluid in the chest. He was out of the hospital in three days. Many surgeons won't even touch a patient anymore if there is a large doubt about the patient surviving the operation. They don't want to be sued, so they are very careful about the who they choose to operate upon. The patients' chronological age really isn't a factor , it's the age of the "body". Some people who are 65 have 80 year old bodies and some ,like my Dad, are in their 90's with the body of a 65 year old.
It sounds like your 85 year old will do just great and he will be sitting up on the side of the bed within 12 hours of the surgery and up on his feet (foot?) moving within 24. You will be surprised at how quickly he'll be ready to come home and how much better he will feel after the valve replacement.

My 80 year old step mother had it last year and is doing fine. She got 2 pig valves and spent what seemed to be forever on the table but it was only 5 hours. No worry. He has great chances.

Smoove B
Chances are good.
My 78 year-old mother just had her first pig valve replaced with another, and also had a bypass during the same procedure. One month later now and she is doing very well.

One of the patients I have just taken care of was 92 and did great! The heart has been working only at 1/3 probably because of the decreased function of the faulty valve, the same reason the fluid built up.If he is otherwise healthy, then with a new valve in a few weeks he may feel even better than before. Good luck and prayers.

Barry auh2o
If his chances were not good, they would not be even considering it..
The days are long over when " his only chance is to have an operation." They now do it when the benefits outweigh the risk.
Tell him I'm thinking of him.

my mother just had open heart in aug she was very high risk, they replaced her aortic valve with a bovine, it only took 3 hours. with todays technology it's hardly nothing, he needs to have it done, he'll be just fine. they do these all the time to patients that old.

there are only two chances. Survive the operation or not. Why do you have to make the decision? Why don't you ask him what he wishes to do?...................

Chances should be relatively good!!! My grandmother at 85 had a triple bypass surgery, and they replaced 2 of her valves with pig valves, and she just was able to complete her first stress test ever at the age of 87.

If he is healthy there is no reason to think he would not do well after surgery. Most people who have problems would have them because they could not tolerate anethesia due to kidney dysfunction or the recovery would be too much for them. However, I would request a second opinion and that he be sent to a cardiac rehab program post surgery where they will set up a regimen that is monitored for exercise and nutrition so he can regain full functioning. Do keep in mind however that all surgery has risks, but if the benefits outweigh the risk than it is worth it.

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