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What are the best over the counter medication available to clean clogged arteries?
My cholesterol level is high(262).Is this a sign that my arteries are somewhat clogged.I'm 45 years old and i eat basically everything i want to.I would like to know is there anything i can take with my eating habit that will help my possibly clogged arteries?Tell me more about high cholesterol.

dee a
if your arteries are clogged then there is not way to unclog them other than surgery...however there are ways to prevent clogging them further and therefore preventing heart attack or other future heart problems you should talk to you doctor or a nutritionist about it.

try some real herbal pills, or teas! go to a health store and tell them what your looking for, they can help.

Please see the webpages for more details on Cholesterol, Hypercholesterolemia and Trigycerides. By low fat diet and regular exercise, you can reduce high cholesterol level in the blood. Drugs should be consumed only only under the strict supervision of the doctor. Moreover every drug has its own side-effects. Statin drugs are generally prescribed to lower bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL).

Start adding whole grains to your diet. Buy mostly produce.
Eat oatmeal every morning. Look on boxes of food that you eat for the heart healty symbol. and look for the word "WHOLE" as the first word.
Add ground flax seed to your food (1 Tablespoon. 2 X day) Look up the benefits of flax seed.
Use olive oil for cooking your veggies and lean meats (fish, turkey, chicken breast).
Nuts in moderation.
Do some moderate aerobic exercise 3 x a week for 30 minutes(even if it means just walking).
Your cholesterol will definitely go down and probably even to normal levels.
If you do nothing at all but one thing--stop eating TRANS FAT.

There really are none... That is just being straight out honest...

If there were and it was that simple that is what the doctors would tell you to get.

There is nothing over the counter that will clean clogged arteries. The ridiculous suggestion that apple cider vinegar will help is just laughable.

The best things you can do: Lose weight. Exercise. Eat less saturated fat.

Eating a diet that stresses protein (poultry and fish are best, unless you are a vegetarian and then soy is very good), low glycemic carbohydrates (look up a glycemic index) and good fat (olive oil for cooking, almonds or peanuts for snacking), is the best over the counter medication one can buy for reducing cholesterol.

For further basic information on hypoglycemia, another effect of hyperinsulinemia besides high cholesterol, check out www.hufa.org.

George O
Aspirine...and eat a lot of fiber


Lots of stuff at the supermarket:

Danacol by Danone (yogurt like drink available in this part of the world).
Olive oil.
Soya Lechitin.
Salmon and other oily fish.

Incorporate above in your daily meals, in moderate quantities.

It could be that eating just about everything is causing this. Especially:

Processed Meats: Ham, Spam, Salumi, burgers, nuggets, frankfurters etc.
Cakes, buscuits etc.

Apple cider vinegar helps oxygen flow through the blood properly which prevents clogged arteries and blood vessels. A friend of mine who has high cholesterol started with the vinegar but also watched his diet and his cholesterol went down significantly.

stephanie r
isn't that like "stroke" high? I take an aspirin everyday. You need to see a Dr. asap... Are you overweight? You probably know exactly what your eating..

you need to get your cholesterol down, none of the over the counter/natural stuff actually works well youll probably need a prescription unless you can get it down by reducing cholesterol in your diet and exercising regularly. garlic and fish oil can help a tiny bit but probably not more than a few points, exercises and reducing cholesterol intake (hich chol. foods include dairy products, eggs, and meats read the labels on stuff you eat) or prescription drugs like zocor, lipitor, etc. are much more effective. anyone who touts homeopathic remedies other than that doesnt know what they are talking about is full of crap. they dont work period.

your arteries are "clogged" if you develop blood clots. people with high cholesterol are at higher risk for atherosclerosis which basically means your blood vessels narrow and harden which greatly increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, etc. so your arteries may or may not be "clogged" but you should get your cholesterol down to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis cant be healed once the damage is done, so its best to prevent it before it happens. if doctors already think you have atheroschlerorsis or are at risk for it, asprin can help prevent clots. if you wanna do that talk to a doctor or pharmacist before starting though to make sure you dont have a health condition or are taking a medication which asprin could interfere with

so if i confused you with technical terms there, basically high cholesterol leads to atheroschlerosis, atheroschlerosis leads to clots, and clots leads to bad stuff.

high cholesterol doesnt mean youre a heart attack waiting to happen, but it is good to keep it lower. as a rough estimate of benefits, for every 2 points of total cholesterol a person is over 200, their risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years increases by about 1%. so reducing your cholesterol from 260 to 200 would reduce your chance of having a heart attack by roughly 30%

just try to follow your doctor's recommendations on the matter

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