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What are the 5 main things that cause heart attacks?

I would hazard a guess at having a heart as a priority.

mad keith
woman woman woman woman WOMAN

1) Your telephone bill when your wife's sister is abroad

2) A car turning across your path when you are riding a motorcycle

3) Your daughter announces she has a new boyfriend

4) Your boss says "I have a little job for you"

5) Blondes in white T shirts without bras

There are contributary factors like smoking, lack of exercise, overdrinking alcohol, fatty foods and high salt intake. But men are more prone to heart attacks especially over 50's. Also stress. But the cause itself is when an artery has narrowed and a piece of the narrowing breaks off and actually blocks the arterial flow of blood. This causes chest pain and maybe death. The area of heart below the blocked off artery dies and so even after recovery the heart is weakened. This is called a myocardial infarction I think.

smoking, alcohol, drugs, saturated fats, fried foods. i think these are all contributors

Obesity Smoking No exercise High cholesterol Alcohol

Yet again i guess alot of people are prone top heart attacks i mean people as young as in their 20's can have them...

Aspartame. Five times!


Smoking to many cigarettes
Drinking to much alcohol
Eating to much food
Not enough exercises
And having to much stress

Steven Diamond attackanxiety.com
Stress can do it, stress, more stress, anxiety and did I mention stress?

Smoking, drinking, stress, high blood pressure and high cholestorol from being overweight/eating the wrong foods

Hereditary heart disease e.g high cholesterol/ structural disease

Diet high in Saturated fats


Stress -excess stress


Joanne E
Everything in which you overindulge: smoking which causes blocked arteries, fried foods, sudden shock, winning the lottery, stress and more stress.

Smoking, stress, shock, exertion, inactivity.

1)Smoking, 2) high blood pressure,3) high cholesterol, 4)Diabetes, 5)obesity
These are the five major risk factor which will lead to a heart attack. But family history is also a major contributor.

I think the main reasons for a heart attack must be stress related. Having had one ten years ago with no other reason for it ,this was all I could put it down too, there wasn't any build up to it infact I was chatting happily on the phone when I had mine.
I was 56 at that time.I am now retired, I now walk a lot,enjoy life to the full,visit the gym weekly and eat sensibly .5 good reasons to keep going.

being over weight, eating the wrong diet, family history, poor level of activity & smoking.

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