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 Can someone plz help me with this "health" quesition, i am giving as much points as possible..?
Which statement about being underweight is true?

A. Being underweight puts stress on the heart and lungs.

B. Being underweight poses no health risks.


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What are some ways you can tell something is wrong with your heart?

Barry W
I can tell you about blocked-up arteries. I had a blocked-up artery and had by-pass surgery. I didn't know that I had this kind of problem which doesn't come on all at once, it takes years to develop. I used to complain about a lack of energy. I was just tired all of the time. My doctor should have sent me to a cardiologist but he didn't until I had angina problems. When I had energy problems I remember I used to go to a gym. After working out one day, instead of taking a day or two to recover it took about a week. When the angina problems stared to manifest, I was doing some field work on my job. The company wanted us to walk to the job site because they didn't want to pay for public transportaion. It was about a 20 minute walk. After around 10 minutes of walking I would get a burning sensation in my upper back. This burning would turn to pain and would shoot through to my chest and then down my left arm, where I would feel numbness. I would get sweaty while this was going on. When this kind of episode would take place I would stop for a coffee or sit on a bench and wait for it to pass. I really didn't know what I had until I saw a doctor and got tested. I understand that heart problems can manifest as digestive problems as well. If you think that you have a problem, then you should see a doctor and get yourself checked out by a cardiologist. I would have had angina problems sooner but I was taking ginko biloba for a while and that herb thins the blood. It was when I stopped taking ginko biloba that the symptoms appeared. Good luck and be well.

Steven B
Pain... palpitations (fast or irregular heartbeats). The heart is a tricky organ. Because it is controlled by nervous impulses, stressors can make one feel like they are having serious heart problems. The best bet ... if in doubt, check it out. I've seen too many folks who thought they had indigestion or a toothache who ended up having a heart attack.

The only way to tell for sure is to see a competent physician.

steve g
If it stops there is something wrong. If it goes too fast for no reason there is something wrong, If it skips beats there is something wrong. If it doubles up on beats now and again there is something wrong. If it really hurts get it looked at
Above all don't worry about it until you are 90 years old, then you'll be past caring.

Most of your big hospitals offer an heart scan for about $100.00 . It takes longer to fill out the paper work than it does to have the scan done. really simple, and a small investment to save your life or catch something early.

Years back I was finally diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson's White Syndrome. My pulse would suddenly go through the roof (over 200) and I would get very dizzy and loose my sight and my hearing changed. I showed symptoms of this from a young age but doctors just ignored it. I could have had a stroke or heart attack. If you think something is wrong as your primary doctor. Also do research of your symptoms on line. Hopefully you have nothing wrong.

I was diagnosed about 7 years ago with cardiomyopathy which usually requires a heart transplant (because I had high blood pressure untreated for years). They found out because I had a cold and was conjested and they took an xray & discovered I had water in my lungs and my heart was enlarged. They put me on blood pressure medicine and I take a water pill once a day. Best bet is go into your family physician and get checked .. let him/her know what you've been experiencing. They will know best.

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