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What's the life expectancy of someone with 20% heart function?

L_H Qutub(Retired)
You mean to say that your EF is 20? well it carries a poor prognosis. No doctor on earth can tell you how much more long you are going to live.
LIVE TWICE, LET EVERY MOMENT BE MEMORABLE ONE, MAY BE THE DISEASE CAN REGRESS! miracles do occur may be you are the chosen one.

i dont know

Susan B
Well, there isn't a clear answer for this. My mom had a heart issue last year where her heart function was down to 20%. She was told if it dropped to 18% they would put her on the heart transplant list. With 20% heart function, the individual is at significant risk for imminent heart attack which would lead to death because the heart doesn't have the strenght to bounce back. My mom went on corrigan which significantly helped. By the way, normal heart function is around 50-55%, so going down to 20% can happen more quickly than you imagine. If this individual is seeing a cardiologist they should have some possible solutions. Best of luck to you.

around 60 years?

Joseph H
6 months up to 5 years but also other organ or disease play a vital factor. 20% is considered terminal.

With an EJECTION FRACTION of 20 % one normally becomes bedridden and it is impossible to talk of a life expectancy .

Around that figure and lower, and taking the age into consideration, a heart assist device( artificial heart) may be indicated pending the availability of a donor's heart for transplantation.

But if the causative disease is amenable to medication or surgery then the prognosis may improve.

Good Luck

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