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Sugar acts like glass in your veins?

I listened to Dr. Oz a heart surgeon say that sugar acts like broken glass in your veins, the body repairs it with plaque, the same plaque that clogs your heart on BlogTalkRadio.com (search for Dr. Oz or sugar).

Every white processed food, pasta, table salt has sugar just read the ingredients. As the saying goes from The Mango Man...The whiter the bread, the bigger the spread, the sooner your dead and leave melons alone or your stomach will moan.
60 years ago we didn't have the diseases we have today.

My guess is that this doctor is referring to diabetic patients (type 1 or 2) who don't have the means to decrease their blood sugar. You and I have insulin and receptors that act to take the sugar out of the blood and turn it into energy or store it. Diabetics lack one of these two characteristics (insulin or functioning receptors). Thus, there can be so much sugar in the blood that it is, in a SYMBOLIC meaning, like glass in your veins. And obviously, "glass" in your veins can do damage to the veins and arteris. You mentioned plaque. Plaque (athersclerosis) builds at a site in the vein where injury has happened. And yes, injury can happen from too high of a blood sugar. Hope this helps.

Yes. It acts just like broken glass. There's a connection between sugar and disease. I have found a link below.

Actually we had a lot of the diseases that we have today, we just didn't know anything about them. How many times 60 years ago would a person dyin in thier 70's have cuase of death listed as old age, instead of heart disease, dimentia, Anyerism? etc...

I'm not sure what he meant. Sugar isn't floating through your veins in little sugar granules, though, which is what your description amkes it sound like he meant. It's dissolved when it's in the bloodstream, which means there are no granules, only molecules.

We did have almost all the diseases we have now 60 years ago, but some of them are more prevalent because of lifestyle changes.

The guy sounds like a crack pot

She It I do
There are two kinds of sugar that both break down into carbohydrates
Simple which is all kinds of candy and sugar treats
These are the ones that make you nervous and can not sleep at night.

And complex which is pasta an and wheat based foods
These are the good ones the kind that stick with you a long time.

The kind he is speaking of is the simple carbs sugar the kind that is candy

the complex kind we need to stay alive on if our body can not get complex carbs it will break down fats in the body to get the fuel it needs to stay alive.
- - -
That is why they have diets that do not allow any carbohydrates so our body breaks down the fat to make some to use.

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