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Should I be taking aspirin every day?
I'm 37 with a family history of heart disease, and my cholesterol is above 200. My doctor wants me to go on statins, but I don't want to pay for (and take) pricey drugs for the rest of my life. Is low-dose aspirin just as good? Is there any downside to taking it?

Dr. Nayyar
I understand that the cost of medication is absolutly ridiculous! As a physician, i know that this is as bad as the rising gas prices, but you cant stop buying gas cause its expensive! Depending on your medical history, one should take a low dose 81mg aspirin everyday. IT IS NOT AS AFFECTIVE AS STATINS! I recommend that you go on statins as your doctor recommends cause in the long run, i can assure you that going on a statin therapy for the rest of your life will cost a hell lot cheaper than the cost of Angioplasty... and thats a promise!

Yes, you should be taking aspirin every day, with you age, history and level. It thins the blood, therefore lessening the risk of a clot, hence blockage, etc.

There is a downside, you can develop a reaction where you easily bruise. This does not happen to all people. If it does, you can simply cut back the dosage.

I wouldn't recommend daily aspirins to anyone, they can be much too hard on some people's stomach. And as far as the statins go, other than some occasional ripping of muscle. But again, statins are way better than a clogged artery in the future.

Blue Polaris
I'm not a doctor. From what i know, asprin can prevent thrombus (blood clot) formation, however, it does not lower your cholesterol level, which is why your doctor prescribe statins: they are cholesterol lowering drugs. Besides, it is not advisable to use asprin for a long period without consult your doctor. You may develop gastrointestinal bleeding, peptic ulcer etc.

Talk to your doctor about your financial concern. Maybe there are generics that are cheaper. Or he can find you another cholesterol lowering drugs.

Low dose aspirin is a good idea (81 mg a day); but adding statins to your aspirin regimen would be even better. Yes, it can be pricey- but don't put a price on your life. Family history of heart disease is a big risk factor, even if you live a "perfect" healthy lifestyle.

I took aspirin and it caused severe stomach pain that never went away, like an ulcer. I took a Bufferin every day for a month and the pain started.
I then stopped the aspirin and took Mastic Gum for stomach pain and it finally went away. Mastic gum is a natural product for ulcersa dn BOY DOES IT WORK.
Aspirin is not a substiute for statins but

REad the book The Cholesterol Cure for informatin about Red Yeaast Rice for choloesterol. It lowers it like a statin and you can get a month's supply from the vitamin Shoppe for $16.00.
LOVE the natural cures the best:
Mastic Gum for ulcers
Vitex for female problems of any kind
Red Yeast Rice will lower cholesterol at leat 60 points
Cinnamin will lower blood sugar at least 40 points

Common Sense
First: do what your doctor suggests (I have & have lived 16 years longer than anyone expected)........

If there's no way (& I mean no way) to pay for drugs;
Yes use an asprin a day (with MD's "OK"). Won't help cholestoral level... but generally a good idea).

Excersize and get your eating habits in shape. READ READ READ. This is the only way you'll get a handle on what to do. DON'T FOOL YOURSELF.... Take these warnings seriously, change your bad habits NOW.

I really believe the #1 problem with people moving to heart disease is a clear avoidence of reality. The bacon may taste great... but there's other stuff that you'll learn to love. Be an adult. Be with your family for years. Be proactive!

The one thing I wouldn't do is take advice from people on a website! Seriously, we have no idea of your history and even qualified doctors here don't know what is best for you.

booby jones
I would do what the Doc recommends. Either that or get a second opinion... I don't think Aspirin is the way to go.

Ask your doctor!!!

Aspirin helps prevent clotting by making the platelets in the blood less sticky, they cannot stick together to begin the clotting process. Usually prescribed is 1/2 aspirin or a baby aspirin per day for an adult. Downside is the same, it prevents clotting, so if you are hurt, your blood will not clot as well. Work on your cholesterol, that is definitely a factor in heart disease. Try to do some light exercises and watch your diet!! Garlic is really good for lowering cholesterol, it is natural and cheap.

Good Luck!!!

Aspirin will help your risk, but it not at all a substitute for the statins. You do need to drop the cholesterol levels..you can try diet and excercise first, but if it does not work, statins are very good drugs to take. You can also ask your doctor about more natural options like Benechol and fish oil.

FYI, here is a very neat tool that assesses your own risk of heart disease:


Follow the tool until the end. It is based on data from several large studies. It is important to note that its answers aren't the "absolute truth," but rather the best estimations of it as based on our studies to date. In the last segment of the tool, you can add or delete aspirin from your regimen and see how that affects your risk. That's the benefit. Then you have to think of the bleeding and ulcer risk, but if you are otherwise healthy and have no personal or family history of these conditions, then you are probably ok.

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