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jarrett neal
Nutritional supplements for aortic heart valve leaking?

Additional Details
every time heart beats blood is expelled to the arterys except for blood that leaks back thru valve that does'nt close properly(regurgitation).this pressure that is reguritated then go9es to the left vewntricle, eventually enlarging that (congestive heart failure).

Only take your medicines. There isnt any food that helps. The only that you can do with your diet is to have a low sodiume diet. I mean, no more htan 2grams of sodium in your daily diet

Ellis D
Get some spackle and tape, mud that thing shut. All are natural fibers and minerals.

The damaged tissue can be repaired with the right nutrients.

Look at the information and testimonials on my page.
Natural adult stem cell production is increased with glyconutrients.

there are no magic herbs that will help your aortic valve.... in fact i would stay away from herbal stuff unless you consult your cardiologist because some of that garbage can make it worse.

best thing to do is keep your blood pressure undercontrol if its high and follow any other advice the cardiologist gives you

Iron Rider
Do you know the cause of it leaking that would make a difference.

See a doctor please.

Somebody here mentioned about supplements helping that's absolutely wrong. Supplements can make the matters worse especially diet supplements like phen-phen which is off the market now.
I presume you have Aortic regurgitation. People can be asymptomatic for a long time with this condition and that in itself is the danger of this condition because when symptoms ( shortness of breath) occur it is many a times too late for surgery.
There guidelines as to how to monitor your condition and when if necessary to operate. The key is to monitor the heart with serial echocardiograms, to see if the heart is dilating and to operate before you are symptomatic.

The things you can do (provided you do have significant regurgitation) Keep your blood pressure controlled with aggressive medical regimen if needed to prolong the need for surgery as higher BP will increase regurgitaion.

i would consult a doctor and nutritionist

Aortic insuficiency is a structural problem with the valve, there is absolutely nothing that drugs or herbs can do at all to rebuild the valve tissue. The only thing that can help is surgery, but that is only done when it is negatively impacting your life too much.

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