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Normal resting pulse rate for a 25 yr old?
I'm 25 and I have a resting pulse rate of 98 bpm. Is this normal for my age?

Wow, that's pretty darned high. It should be closer to 60.

Hm may be a little fast (should be around 70-80) but nothing to worry about I dont think! Get it checked out next time you go to the doctors just in case and make sure you are getting excercise and not too much fatty foods

i'd say anywhere between the range of 60-85 or 90 top over 90 is a bit high and 98 is a bit high as well i use to have a normal heart rate of 110 and i'm 23 and the doctors put me on medicine if you ever feel out of breath or chest pain you might want to get checked out and if it ever gets over 150 and doesn't come down go to the hospital and they can give you an iv to lower it.

Sounds a little high to me. It should be between 70 and 90 for most adults, a bit lower for someone in excellent physical condition. Yours is on the borderline for someone with a heart problem. You should see your doctor about it.

It's a little high, but the bigger question is how do you feel? if you see no ill effects, then it's probably fine for you.

A resting heart rate of 98 is too high. A normal resting heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute. A heart rate above 100 is considered too fast ( tachycardia). Caffeine, alcohol, stress ( more than the usual), some over-the-counter medications can contain a stimulant that will increase the heart rate. Although, now, these meds are kept behind the pharmacy station. You should have your blood pressure checked. It would be a good idea to call your Doc's office and speak to a nurse and/or make an appt. to see your Doc. I hope that this helps.

60 to 100 any thing under 60 is called bradycardia any thing over 100 is called tachycardia

It differs from person to person and is only an indicator of your resting pulse rate. The "normal" for men is 72 bpm (beats per minute) and for women it is 80 bpm, but rates 10 beats either side of those rates fall into the normal range.

Chris M
60 - 100 is considered normal range for an adult.

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