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My heart rate is at 122 bpm. Someone just told me it means I have Tachycardia.?
Should I be concerned?
I'm anemic and I've been trying to get rid of that condition by not drinking soda/coffee 2 hours before and after my meal.

I'm pretty skinny. I don't think my high heart rate has anything to do with my weight.

I don't ever work out though, and I looooove sweet (cake, chocolate, etc). Does that play a role in having such a high heart rate.

Is 122 really really high?
What should I do with this?
Additional Details
I got this heart rate at target.
They have this little machine where you put your arm inside a black cylinder.

Tracy S
Yes your heart rate is considered tachycardic. Normal heart rate is between 60-100. Although some people can run lower or higher and be considered a normal rate for them. I do think that 122 is a rather high number to be running though. However, to determine if you're truly tachycardic you should take a resting heart rate. It's best to do first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed. Check your radial pulse (near the outside of your wrist) and count for a full minute. This will give you a more accurate result. If your heart rate is >100 then you need to have it checked out by your physician. An EKG can be done at the office to determine if you have an irregular rhythm (arrhythmia). An EKG is a simple test that checks the electrical conductivity of the heart which shows rhythm & heart rate. There are many factors that can affect heart rate. Many medications, especially over the counter supplements for weight loss, etc can increase heart rate. Dehydration or blood loss can cause tachycardia also. It's a good idea to have your physician draw some labs especially since you have a history of anemia to determine if this is a factor.

yes it is double the normal resting heart rate and yes it has a great deal to do with your sugar intake, as well as other factors you have mentioned.

Tachycardia is a heart rate in excess of 100bpm. I would triple check this if I were you. Those machines in stores can't always be trusted to be accurate. You can check your own pulse if you know how (it's easy) and you can have it checked at your doctor's office. They may do this for you without an appointment but call ahead first to find out. When taking your own pulse, you need to check at different times of day and get a resting pulse each time. Heart rate is elevated by exertion, anxiety, fever, illness, and emotion and unless you have a pulse above 100 on 3 different occasions while relaxed and at rest you may not have tachycardia at all.

And if you've been diagnosed with anemia, was it iron deficiency anemia? That would explain tachycardia and the caffeine thing. You haven't mentioned any of the other symptoms of anemia.

Emilie C
Well, it is a little high. Are you getting this number by taking your pulse? Like, in your wrist or on your neck? Or are you actually listening to your heartbeat? Your heartbeat should be about 90-100 beats a minute, When your LISTENING to your heart, but it should only be 60-80 if your taking your pulse, so that is a little high. I don't think the fact that you eat sweets might affect that at all, but I would get it checked out, just to make sure you aren't in any danger. And Tachycardia can be diagnosed even if your heartbeat is only slightly faster. I would talk with your doctor though. Better safe than sorry. I hope things work out for you. Have an awesome day :)

yes you ahve tachycardis. get an ecg done to see waht kind of tachycardis. get your thyroid function tested


Yes, you do have tachycardia, but all that word means is "fast heart rate." It's from two Greek words for "fast" (tachus) and heart (kardia). So the word is only a description and it isn't anything to worry about in itself.

It's why you have the tachycardia that you should think about.

What's your respiration rate? that is, how fast do you breathe when you are at rest? Have someone count them for one minute for you. Are they above 20?

If so, you could have a fast heart rate because of your anemia. Without the right amount of iron in your blood,you might not get enough oxygen to your cells, and so your body compensates for that by speeding your heart rate.

Taking iron supplements would be a good idea in that case.

Now, have you had your thyroid function checked? How do you like the heat? Do you sweat easily? Are you easily fatigued? If you're female, how regular and how light are your periods?

These are signs for a possible case of hyperthyroidism, which would also cause a fast heart rate like yours.

In any case, I would be just enough concerned that I would take myself to the doctor and let him check me over to see what is going on. Your heart rate, while not dangerous, still is abnormally high, and might be a symptom of somehting serious enough to warrant treatment.

If I were you, I'd get myself to a doctor.

Good luck.

Tachycardia is a term that refers to any heart bpm that is over 100

I'm larger and I really have to work to get my heart rate in the high 120s/low 130s...

If I were you, I wouldn't freak out, but it's definitely something you want to ask a doctor about.

if you are anemic, you should take iron supplments.. you shouldn't stay up late everynight. try to have at least 8hours of sleep. eat nutritious foods.this of course includes fruits and vegetables.avoid drinking soda and coffee..

consults a doctor about your condition so that he can give you appropriate medical advise or treatment on your condition.

and about your heart rate, the result would matter if you chechked it after doing activities like running or walking. you better check it while you are at rest.

the normal heart rate for a person in a sitting position ranges from 68 - 72 beats/min

you can use this link for more informations. http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/nlc_biology/FieldInfo/peex1r.htm

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