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 What's your blood pressure?
Mine was 110/72 and I'm 15. I started working out and it has gone down from 124/82. I want to see different people's activity level, age, and blood pressure.
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 My left shoulder and elbow have been hurting all of today, what can it be?
I heard that a heart atack starts with pain on the left shoulder, but this pain doesnt go away and I think a heart attack would just be quick and not linger for hours
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 Need a natural remedy for high cholesterol?
Try garlic, red yeast rice 600 mg twice a day, lots of fiber, oatmeal, fish oil, carnitine, gugulipid 500 mg 3 times a day, soy 25 grams a day, pantethine 300 mg 3 times a day, tocotrienols 200 mg a ...

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I've heard that new studies show that eggs are the highest concentration of cholesterol because of their size but in the big scheme of things they are not high in cholesterol in a complete diet. ...

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My mother was recently found to have an 80% blockage in one of her main arteries. Balloon angioplasty was performed and a stent inserted. She also has two blockages on the other side of her heart ...

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 What harm can high pressure do to a person?
i need doctors in this please.i need to know what high pressure does what are the risks and more about it please fast!...

 Does this mean something is wrong with me, or is it normal?
For years now I have had this feeling of my heart speeding up for a couple of seconds. Also once in a while I'd get a very strong pain where my heart is.In fact when I'd take a deeper ...

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 My blood pressure is 161/84 is there anything serious to worry about?

 Should I go to the doctors?
I took 35 aspirin and 10 tylenol in three days. Should I be worried.
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On wednesday I took 16 aspirin and 10 tylenol within 8 hours. Then on Thursday I only took 2 ...

 When I lay down to sleep, my heart rate increase and I have a sensation that my body is trembling. Why?

 High blood pressure at 21?
I recently had my blood pressure taken and it first came up as 140/xx on my right arm. The person who took it figured this had to be wrong so she took it again and said it was 124/96. I'm a 21 ...

 Myocardial infarction?
what can be the diagnostic testing and nurseing processes for myocardial infarction pt'...

 Can Digoxin cause death?

 Cholesterol levels?
i had a blood test recently (not cheaking for cholesterol) but he told me anyway that mine was 5.3, is this healthy???
i dont undertsand cholesterol, so what do i do if its to high?? how do i ...

My heart hurts when I breathe?
Well I think its my heart it could possibly be my lungs. It hurts when I breathe or lay down or when I do the tiniest physical things. I'm only 15. Oh and I have asthma too.
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by the way I'm a vegetarian.

same thing happens with me too, it sometimes happens

i think its because you are eating some unhealthy foods

cuz i used to eat those all day

DK Julie
If you have recently had a cold it could very well be pleurisy, an inflammation in the lining around the lungs. It hurts quite a bit and often mimics heart pain. But you really should get checked out by a doctor ASAP.

Kimberly G
If it just hurts when you breath in but goes away when you breath out, it could be your ribcage expanding as you grow. But it could be lungs too. Do you have a cough or congestion?

Tim Br
Eat less animal fat, like cheese, eggs & meat.

Tell a parent. Since you have asthma you should not ignore this ! Pain of this sort should never be ignored regardless of age with or without asthma.

Laurence W
Sounds like bronchial spasm in the lungs. Lungs can not open and deliver oxygen to the blood, so you are tired and your heart hurts a little too. I would think that is your asthma acting up.

You can ask a pharmacist for something over the counter, but you should see your doctor.

Asthma can be aggravated by pollen and dust outside, or dust inside, too. A thorough complete cleaning, vacuuming, dusting of your house or apartment is a very good idea. Also, clean air filters for the A/C. Its possible your carpet pad is severely detiorated and dusty, if it is very old.

You can also run a good HEPA air filter in the house too pull allergens out of the air.

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