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Maricruz H
My heart beep is 120 per minute... is that normal??
even If Im sitting down and relaxing it beeps very fast.
I'm so scared... i'm only 22 and sometimes suffer from anxiety but other than that im vert healthy.

Normal resting heart rate
Many factors affect normal heart rate, including your age, activity level, and the time of day. The chart below shows the normal range of a resting heart rate (pulse rate after resting 10 minutes) in beats per minute, according to age. In general, the lower your resting heart rate, the more efficient your heart is and the healthier you are.
Resting heart rate Age or fitness level
Beats per minute (bpm)
Babies to age 1:
Children ages 1 to 10:
Children age 10+ and adults:
Well-conditioned athletes:
Resting heart rates above the levels indicated on the chart may be due to activity, fever, stress, an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), anemia, stimulants (caffeine, amphetamines, decongestants, asthma medications, diet pills, and cigarettes), and various forms of heart disease. If your heart rate is consistently high, consider seeing your health professional for a complete physical examination.
During exercise, your heart should be working hard enough to obtain a healthy effect but not so hard that the heart is overworked. See the recommended target pulse rates based on age in the chart below. Try to keep your heart rate within the target range for your age when you exercise.

These target ranges are based on a formula that estimates your maximum heart rate as 220 minus your age. Most people's target heart rate during exercise is 60% to 80% of their maximum heart rate. However, this formula target range may not apply to you, especially if you are taking medications (such as beta-blockers) that slow your heart rate or if you have an artificial pacemaker or if you have certain forms of heart disease. In these cases, or if the target heart rate for your age does not feel right to you, consult your health professional for your target heart rate when you exercise.

Target heart rate ranges during exercise Age (years)
Minimum–maximum heart rate (bpm)

Its normal if you're an unborn fetus or a hummingbird in flight. Otherwise, get to the doctor!

If your heartbeat is 120 bpm you should go to the doctors office to get checked out. 120 is not normal for a 22 year old. It should be between 60-80. Anxiety is very common, so even if you calm down you should still check it out.

No it is not normal. normal heart rate at your age should be 60-80 beats per minute at rest.

EMT Geoffrey
You do need to get to a physician to get that checked out. 120 is incredibly fast for anybody at rest.

It is possible that it is being brought on by panic attacks, but it could be a serious cardiac dysrhythmia. It is especially concerning if you are not completely stressed out when this happens and if it speeds up and slows down all of the sudden (like it is normal one second and then suddenly spikes without a gradual onset)



Just Q
How much street drugs do you do?
Are you on asthma medication?
NO 120 beats per minute is not normal and should be checked out and if you are sitting down and being calm/relaxed that tells me that you are not having an anxiety/panic attack.

Don't panic but do go see your doctor. YOu need to find out what is causing it and get it under control.

Sabra M
i have the same problem with my pulse. it stays at an even 120 when i am relaxed. medication, illness, and a variety of other things can raise your pulse. you should check with your doctor before getting any advice from non medical sources. how is your blood pressure. usually when your pulse is that high your body compensates by lowering your blood pressure. if it is high on a regular basis you should make an appointment with your regular doctor. i suffer from anxiety also but i am also have bipolar disorder and my medication raises my heart rate. you should sit down and make a list of all sources you think could be the source of your problem. also something to think about - are there any other symptoms with your heart rate chest pain, tingling or numbness is your feet, changes in your vision, pain in your legs , etc. Like i said before, you really should see a doctor before taking any advice from non medical sources. Are you constantly on the go? take more time to relax, read a book, exercise regularly, take a look at your diet, stay away from illegal and recreational drugs, and try not to get too stressed out about things. other things like allergies, dust, mold, and such can also be a source of a higher pulse.

Boomer Wisdom
I wish my systolic was that low....

Just get to a doctor. A simple check-up (or even a free screening at a health fair) might put your mind at ease. And save you from a lot of misery and problems later on. The time to start being concerned about your health doesn't happen 'til you're 23, but hey, go for a head start and get working on it now.

Anxiety per se can raise your heart beat, therefore avoid it. Do not take any drugs or excessive tea/coffee. At your age, you may also liked to be checked for the thyroid disorder or for MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse).

Nick †
No. If your resting heart rate is typically that fast, then you should see a doctor. It may be minor or serious. There's not enough information. A healthy 22 y/o should have a resting heart rate below 100 and usually around 70-80.

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