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 Sugar acts like glass in your veins?

I listened to Dr. Oz a heart surgeon say that sugar acts like broken glass in your veins, the body repairs it with plaque, the same plaque that clogs your heart on BlogTalkRadio....

 What are the anti hypertensives prescribed after cardiac failure or MI?

 What does it mean when you have a abnormal ekg?
im only 44, and when compared to last years at my physical it shows that the flow of electcity that flows and conducts the flow of blood thru my heart is much differnt on my right side than that of ...

 What factors in our food result in cholestrol increase?

How a sphygmomometer, used in conjunction with a stethoscope, can be used to determine a patient's systolic and diastolic pressure?...

 Why do thumbs have there own heart beat?
i have just always wondered y thumbs have there own heartbeat? does anyone know?...

 How uncommon is it for a 25 year old male to have a heart attack?

 I guess know one know how painfull migraines are and get them 3 times a week lasting 3 days and a lot longr?
Only a person suffering can relate to how painfull they are I think it is babaric to leave someone in such pain.I have taken 4 or more tylenol to try and make it go away,so as far as the pharmacist ...

 ?hi have u have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
have you ever had a iv?
have you ever had general anesthesia?
did u ever have a et tube inserseted?
have you ever been under general anesthesia and if you were did u have a iv and a ...

 How long wil you live after a heart transplant?

 What is the doctors machine called when they go 1...2...3 CLEAR Called?
I am trying to figure it out for something at school and i CAN'T remember what it means. PLEASE HELP!!!...

What all does an echocardiogram detect?...

 Why does my aliens heart stop beating when i,ve done all i should?

 Heart attacks?
my grandpa had a heart attack. so now im takin care of him. if he has another one how likely is he to survive?? and how long do the paramedics have to get to my house to save him???...

 Can conjestive heart failure cause a heart murmur?

 I just found out that I have a leaking heart valve. Please explain to me what that is and how it can affect me

 Why does my doctor think that my constant irregular heartbeat and slight mitral valve leak need no treatment?
Four weeks ago I had a tachycardia brought on by being awake for about 48hrs and drinking soda/energy drinks all day and taking a couple vivarin. My heart was beating quickly and I thought I was ...

 I am having chest pain and have already taken test. Does anyone know what it might be?
Hello. One day I was standing in line at a restauraunt and became light headed and disoriented. My heart started beating really fast and I thought I was going to pass out. I went to the hospital and ...

 Which vitamins and supplements are good for people who has high cholesterol and heart problems in the family?
Both my father and my uncle has had heart attacks and my uncle has also had a stroke.
I already try and follow a healthy balanced diet, and now I would like to know what vitamin supplements ...

 Unlucky, heart attack and meningitis in one day........?
This morning my father in law was rushed to hospital with a heart attack. Now its 2:45 am and the phone rings, our nephew has been admited with meningitis. Could the day get any worse. Anyone had ...

My heart beat is 103 beats a minute is my blood pressure high?

Mischele, RN‚ô•
There's no way to tell unless you get your blood pressure checked. It's only 3 beats over the high side of normal. Normal is 60-100. If you were just doing physical activity, in pain, if you're stressed or anxious or if you've got a cold, your heart rate can go up.

Your pulse has nothing to do with your blood pressure. 103 pulse is high unless you have been doing some physical activity...like running. Normal pulse about 80 beats per minute. The only way to know if your blood pressure is high is to have it taken with a blood pressure cuff. Some people with high blood pressure do get headches when their pressure is up.

no one can tell you by that.

maheswari m
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to know this you need to take your b/p

Though 103 beats a minute is on the high side, it does not necessarily equate to a "high blood pressure." What were you doing when you checked your pulse at 103?? You really would have to check your BP to see exactly your pressures. If you check your pulse and it's bounding and strong; you have headaches; you are dizzy; feel out of breath.......perhaps your BP "could" be high with a pulse of 103, but once again ~ you'd have to check with a blood pressure machine (or cuff).

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