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Dont live in a bloody cave. Very funny tho. LMAO....

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Sarah C
My grandma sick in hospital - she is seeing a door....?
Do you think when someone is invisioning a door, that it is "The Door," and maybe she is dying? She has been on dialysis for 4 yrs. and went in last week for a congestive heart failure that they were able to stablize. Tonight she was talking about a door and wanted us to open it. We asked who was on the other side and she said, her mother. Of course her mom has been dead for 21 yrs.

What do you think? I am very spiritual so I don't see any other conclusion.
Additional Details
I just wanted to elaborate on my "spirituality." I used to see Jesus as a little girl. I have always had intuitive thoughts as to how "it" all works. I don't follow a particular religion - I have my own beliefs outside of all religions. My brother too has seen Jesus as a little boy. I have many stories pertaining to this. I believe in these kinds of things happening as they happen all the time to everyone - it is a matter of having an open mind.

Sandy Q
Answer from a more logical mind.

Maybe she was/is hallucinating from some of the prescribed drugs. Drugs have been known to alter dreams and induce death dreams. Also a near death experience can have a massive psychological effect on a persons mind.

To understand things like this you need to understand what the human brain is capable of. Our brains produce chemicals every second of every day. These chemicals all play different roles, some make us feel fear, some happiness. When somebody has a near death experience the brain would become overstimulated and release many different chemicals.

they are trying to communicate to you that they are religious

From a scientific standpoint it would be explained that our bodies produce endorphins and the like during times of stress etc to ease the body and mind...but I like to think her mom is waiting on her.Stay with her awhile hold her hand.

yeah that might be it umm if shes in a room that has a closed door constantly try opening it so she can rest in peace.

I think she is ready to go home,i do believe you right.

Hi Sarah,
I am not sure about the door. I have heard of some before their passing have seen loved ones "on the other side". From a Christian perspective, I don't know of anything in the Bible about this. I will pray for you and your family for comfort and peace. If you like, e mail me.

†Prayer Warrior At Your Request†

it could be what you think or it could be a sign of closure. instead of dying, she could be transitioning from ill to being completely healed and better soon. the glass is half full

Mary M
Go with what your heart tells you. God bless you and your grandmother.

Spiritual Gunslinger
I can't say why you're grandmother has seen what she has seen. Part of me wants to agree with your conclusion. But what I do want to do is pray for your family and ask our Lord to give everyone the strength needed to move this point in life. I know how hard dialysis is, and then to add to it, another medical complication. But please remember this... death was never part of God's original plan for us, His children. And death of the body is not the end, for He has paid the price, to conquer the death that is eternal.

† Travelling Prayer Warrior †

Yes. I had a similar experience. My father was 75 years of age, when he died . Before his death, he used to talk about people who died long back.Shortly after that, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. May be they connect with people they love before their own demise!
These are some of nature's mysteries and you can never find rational explanations for such things.

Katherine W
I think you're right. Maybe it's time to play some beautiful music and tell her it's okay to go.

my grandma just died suddenly on Saturday. i dont really know what to tell you. expect it. it will help you when it happens. have a good cry before it happens, you know it is probably coming. this helped me. like i said my grandma died a few days ago.... hope i have helped........ i dont want to make you feel bad.......... ok..... i am done now........

Well, I'd like to ask you what you mean by "I am very spiritual".

Many people mean different things by this phrase. For me, being "spiritual" means that I recognize my sins before God, confess them and ask for the forgiveness of them that only comes through Jesus' death and ressurection at the cross.

I hope that you can bring a Bible to the hospital and share this verse with your Grandma:

Revelation 3:20, "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."

Ask your Grandmother if she has ever asked Jesus into her heart. Ask your Grandmother if she is willing to open the door of her heart to Jesus.

I pray for you to have the boldness to do this. I also hope that you do this yourself.

Here is my prayer for you and your family:

Dear Father in Heaven,
I just thank you for this question and for this family. I am glad this person sees herself as a spiritual being. I ask that you open her eyes of awareness to see her need of the savior, Jesus Christ and that she is able to share this with her Grandmother. I ask for the salvation of this entire family--that they may come to know you, God, and your beautiful provision of forgiveness through Christ Jesus.

I thank you that we have an eternal hope--that we can come to you as our perfect heavenly Father who will teach us and guide us into all truth.

I pray all these things for God's glory alone,
In Jesus name.

† Deliverance Prayer Warrior †

When a friend of our family was dying, he sort of aroused from his semi-comatose state, and said to his wife, "Oh, Honey, Can't you see them? They are here! They are all here!" and he lay back and died.
And when my own father died, he opened his eyes and called out the name of his lifelong best friend who had died 2 yrs. before. He said it in a questioning voice. "Joe-Dan? Joe-Dan? Joe-Dan!" And then he died.
SO, it could be that you have those from the other side coming to help you make the transition. I guess we will know when we make the crossing.

Renee M
it could possibly be... i'm quite spiritual myself, and when i read something like this, i can only tell you a few things. first of all, i think that you are blessed to be given these signs that it could be her time soon. now you get that chance to say all the things you may want to say, that most people don't get the opportunity to do. and second, you will know that she is not only going to a better place, but she'll be reunited with her mother, so you know she will be happy. i'm so sorry that you're going through this, but it should put your mind at ease knowing what you know. it's definitely a positive thing. if only everyone was blessed to have a loved one go in a similar way... God Bless!!

BaBy DaNdOoN
i am very sprituals as u are i think shes saying its time for her to go and i think shes trying to tell you guys to let her go snice she saw her mother..... good luck

Momma of 1 year old twins
go with your gut feelings. spend as much time with her as you can. only God knows when our time is up, but your grandma may have her intuitions kicking in.

im sorry and my heart goes out to you, and sounds to me like she is giving you all a heads up on your goodbyes because its time to let go of her here on earth, and let her go be with her mom. i say that because i believe and know from personal experience there is "the door" to everyone who has has that experience its diffrent some see a door some just see people who have past some see a light or whatever, so in her state at this point she is hanging on by a thin thread and loves you all very much and wants you guys to let her go, give her permission not that she in a sense needs it but to some its important to give at least that befor they leave the earth and thier family behind...and i dont mean that in a bad way but im sure you understand what i mean! goodluck with your grief and god bless!

Sarah, my dad, died with renal failure, from diabetes. He was a minister and loved God with all his heart.

Yes, he saw his Mother, who had been deceased for eleven years. In fact, he told me three weeks before he died..."just three more, just three more!" I asked him what he meant by that and he never answered me. Three weeks, to the day, Daddy passed away.

When my Mom was dying, she boldly told me that Jesus had visited her and He was allowing her enough time to say some things, she needed to say, to some of the family. She was lucid, very aware of her surroundings and I took her home, with me, to die....she did not want to die in the hospital! All family members had been there....except for one, a cousin she was close too. He came on Monday, Monday night, Momma went into coma and died, Tuesday evening. She did indeed, get the time, to talk with all family members!

Sarah, I have lost many of my loved ones and I believe with all my heart and soul, they are in communication with God...in some manner, the living cannot see or, comprehend. Yes, I believe that your grandmother sees that door and she is well aware of what awaits her there. In as much, I want you to know that I ask God to be with each and you as you walk with her. That God will give you peace and strength to endure the loss with His love. I pray the He pours out His merciful hand upon your grandmother and that she recognizes from whom that mercy is coming!! May He embrace her with His loving arms.

If you need to talk, just e-mail me.

I think she is "ready". The fact that she wants someone else to open "the door", may mean it isn't quite her time to go. My heart goes out to you. It is always harder on those left behind.

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