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My drug test came back inconclusive now i'm nervouse!?
Alright heres the deal, I quit smoking about a month ago and even when I was smoking it wasn't everyday. I have been physically active drinking pleanty of water, and green tea I have also been sweating alot. Somewhere in the middle of that month i smoked one night. I took an at home drug test and it came back negative. I took my real test and it came back inconclusive. Am i going to fail or should I be fine? Please i dont need preaching. I just need a straight forward answer.
Additional Details
smoking pot and why do people say it take 2 to 3 months for it to leave your system, yes i know thats right but what about the people that only do it once a month?

Smoking Jimmy Crack Corn?

Lily 2
Shame Shame Shame

ummm smoking what?? They might redo the test to get a real result...

if it came back inconclusive that means your urine was too dilute. They will probably make you take another test. All you have to do is drink a gallon of water the night before, then during the day of your drug test drink 8 more glasses of water. This will dilute your urine. However, it will just be another inconclusive test if its dilute. To turn the color of your urine yellow, just take about 4 vitamin pills. Centrum Kids will work. So while your urine is dilute it's still yellow. I was in the same boat as you a couple of days ago and did this and passed with flying colors =) all that stuff about 30 days for the weed to leave your system is just for ACTIVE users. Usually it leaves 1-6 days if you smoke it once in a while. Hope this was helpful to ya.

I don't see them turning you down for an "inconclusive" result, but keep in mind that they might do "random" testing once you do begin your job. Good luck!!

I think it just means you have to take it again. You never know what went wrong. Maybe it was too dilute if you drank a lot of water, but maybe the person testing it messed up while she was doing it too. Who knows?
But my advice would be to obviously not smoke, drink a gallon of water daily, keep fit and you're gonna be fine. When they get in touch with you be calm. Don't act like you're all freaked out and have something to hide. Act like something else must have gone wrong.

maryjane green
It shouldn't make you guilty because inconclusive doesn't mean you did or didn't test positive. They couldn't come up with a positive result. They might ask you to take it again or perhaps you should be fine. Just don't smoke for awhile, to be on the safe side! Good luck!!!! ;)

smoking takes 2-3 months to completly leave your entire system

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