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 Sharp pain in the left side of my chest that lasted about 5 min, my left arm was weak, was it a heart attack?

Additional Details
Oh, and I'm only 20 years old and I'm only slightly overweight. I'm so scared right now because my doctor is currently monitoring my blood pressure ...


My bool pressure was 181 -over105 is thatvery bad?

128 over 78 and 78 pulse-- is "normal", see a doctor.

my friend.. the average or normal blood pressure is 120/80 which means yours is very very above the normal range.. there could be a lot of factors contributing to your being high blood, maybe youre stressed out, fat, doesn't exercise, don't move your bowel regularly... the factors are endless... you ought to see a doctor and don't rely on medicines to lower you pressure, i say exercise and proper food is still the best way! i'm a nursing student.. hope that helps!

St N
Based on the poor typing, if this is not your normal style, then you may also have had a minor stroke. Hope you have already seen medical attention and are on the way to recovery.

Your age?your family history?And your lipid profiles ?Fundoscopy ?All this i want to give you perfectly good answer 1 Any way the blood pressure what you wrote is surely moderately high and is capable to make you worse so better you start some treatment apart from salt restricted diet and low fat diet ! You should take some lower class tranquilizer also !Eye exam is a must because it will tell you if there is a retinal damage started and if so you should not avoid treatment ! As many time this high blood pressure do not do any thing but all of a sudden it may effect dangerously ! It is the first number silent killer of the whole world ! But do not worry if it has come in heredity and other para meters are OK ! Live happily and nothing will happen to you !Keep aways this three (1)HURRY (2)WORRY and (3)CURRY ! enjoy the life the way it comes !But go to your doctor and have a guide line and do take treatment like beta blocker once a day and do take blood thinner like aspirin in low dose ! Don't forget this to take other wise forget your BP and keep samata !If satisfied give best answer Always YoursmE

See a doctor

Dr Frank
Use the spell checker it might help clarify your questions.

As a single reading 181/105 is not encouraging. You should at least be arranging for your GP to do a series of repeat readings or better still a 24 hour BP monitor, to decide if you do have a problem requiring intervention.

Laurence W
Bad enough. See your doctor.

yes that is very high. are you taking meds if not you need to see a dr. right away. normal is around 120 over 90...high blood pressure can be very dangerous....seek help right away...good luck to you..

❂ BlueBerry ❂
must be as you cant even spell ...

Normal ranges for blood pressure in adult humans are:

Systolic: less than 120 mmHg (2.32 psi or 15 kPa)
Diastolic: less than 80 mmHg (1.55 psi or 10 kPa)

I'd go directly to the ER for treatment. I don't mean to scare you, it's just that it's possible something bad could happen like a stroke.

Very bad, provided that measurement was taken during rest.

Average blood pressure is 120 / 80. 181 / 105 is very high and you ought to see a doctor very soon.

des c
It is nearly as bad as your spelling, I agree.

Listen to Sparky she knows a thing or two.......

la buena bruja
Normal blood pressure for an adult is around 120/80. Pressure of 181/105 is quite high. If it's that high on a consistent basis, you have hypertension and should see a doctor for treatment. Otherwise, you're at increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardio-vascular problems.
Take care of yourself!

High blood pressure in adults is defined as a consistently elevated blood pressure of 140 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic or higher.

yes it is bad. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is indirectly responsible for many deaths and disability resulting from heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

According to research studies, the risk of dying of a heart attack is directly linked to blood pressure, especially systolic hypertension. The higher your blood pressure, the higher your risk, even with blood pressure in the normal range.

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