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John P
My blood presure is 114-64 pulse 67 i am a 57 yr old female very active, is this reading normal-low-high ?t y?

A little on the lower side, Im afraid. Take a little more salt in your diet.

According to my source, this is slightly below optimal. Optimal is 120 systolic over 80 diastolic. You may feel dizzy when you stand up suddenly e.g. when you get up in the morning, so it is a good idea to get up in stages.

This reading is within normal range. Well done, keep whatever you are doing up.

normal, and a very good reading I might add.

Your pressure is rather low(though not too bad), you would be aiming for something like 140/70. Your pulse is fine. Take your pressure at different times a day (say 3) for a few days to see if there is a change or a pattern. Did you use a wrist monitor or an upper arm monitor? Wrist monitors are notoriously known for giving low readings, you should add 11 to each reading if you use a wrist monitor.

Anastasia Beaverhausen
Former Nurse here. Your vital signs are better than most 20 year olds.

BP: Great Pulse: Great

Keep going baby.


This is excellent, I wish at 32 my stats were that good.


Your blood pressure is in the normal range and your pulse is at the lower end of normal range (60-80 bpm). As you are very active having a fairly lowish pulse is ok.

To get a professional and accurate answer I would visit your GP who can assess the situation far more accurately than can any one on Yahoo.

I would say you are leaning toward low blood pressure and I would say your pulse is slow - this could be to your advantage or disadvantage - best get yourself checked out.

Good Luck

The numbers are fine, but what's more important are things like how you feel, presence of other/any medical conditions, and your lifestyle. Exercise, rest, diet, smoking, alcohol, stresses related to work, family etc.

tony g
perfect--keep the low sodium (salt diet)--exercise--your pressure/pulse are great

Laurence W
It is excellent, showing you are doing many good things for yourself.

The 50 point rise of the upper number if interesting, but may just indicate a very strong heart. Coupled with the pulse of 67 its a very good combination.

its fine mine dose be sometimes 160 over 100 and that high

The Rain God
Mine were 240/120 - wanna swap?

Excellent pulse and BP. But why is your name John if you're female? Just curious!

That is excellent. The most recent recommendations by the AMA are to maintain systolic below 130 and diastolic below 85. Your pressure is perfect and you shouldn't worry about it at all. No meds are needed (assuming you aren't on any now). Regardless, your BP along with your pulse are excellent prognostic indicators for a long life. High BP over time is a risk factor for heart disease and kidney disease. Regardless, with a pressure like that you have nothing to worry about. Email if you have specific questions.

Looks normal to me Mines been a lot higher Systolic158 Diastolic 82 and my pulse rate 90 .

Normal. . Your blood pressure isn't a set number, you should really know what your range is. For me mine is 90-120/50-70. The best way is to take a few days and check your blood pressure a few times a day so you know what is normal for you. Keep in mind that if you check it after you exercise it should actually be lower once you cool down (about 10-20 min later), which is normal, that means your blood vessels are relaxing afterwards, which is good. The benefit of knowing your range is so that when the next time you go you will know if it is done correctly.

hello;The blood presure that you are discribing sounds a lot like mine,only at times mine has fallen down to 86/67 pulse33 which is heart failure.Does your's drop down like that?if it does you need to see a heart doctor yesterday!!!
other wise it really dependes on what is normal for you.

sweet pea
Normal BP reading and a very good one at that!!

Excellent resting heart rate too!!

Normal 100-140 /60-90.

As a healthcare professional, i can tell you this reading is perfectly normal. Better than mine actually and i am half your age lol. Go you!!!

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