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My blood pressure was 160/70! it has been high for the 3 times ive visited the doctor what would cause this?

I agree with the above writer...you might have white coat syndrome. Your blood pressure raises when you go to see a doctor. Relax and do not talk, these factors increase your blood pressure too. For example I did a test with a 49 old gentleman, he had an infection in his lip, was stressed out because his wife is very sick, has bills to pay…etc. He had the same question so I took his blood pressure 155/98 too high. I asked him to relax and lay down for 5 minutes and no talk. I repeated the blood pressure again it was 144/89. I did EFT on him, Emotional Freedom Technique. Which takes me a minute? Simple easy acupressure points with affirmations. His blood pressure, still having his infection, came down in 2 ½ minutes to 136/73. He was so relieved and grateful. I have repeated this test with many men and the result is still the same/ See source for more recipes on high blood pressure and enjoy your life, learn EFT, to get a better life and you can save on trips to doctors, psychiatrist, counselors etc.

i dont know how old are u because if u are younge then u propably has a definit cause for that hypertension..so u have to search it

other wise you may only to change ur diet into low salt .low fat for 2 weeks ..then check it up again if still high then seek medical advice again ...
whatever you do ,dont neglect
take care ..bye

many things do you have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease in your family?do you smoke?do you drink coffee or those energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine?are you under stress?are you on meds for other issues that might cause a rise in blood pressure?when you see your doctor again tell him of your concerns if he does not seem concerned or doesnt check farther get a different doctor.heart disease is a killer take no chances.god bless you.

sometimes when you go to the doctor being nervous makes your blood pressure go up..

The Doc
Well, the first thing to rule out is "white coat hypertension" which is basically saying that doctors make people nervous. It is not uncommon to see someone with normal blood pressure at home to have consistantly elevated blood pressure in a doctor's office. Before starting a workup or treatment for hypertension, you should make sure it's real. Try taking it at home at various times during the day and seeing what you get, if it's really high, then treatment is probably appropriate, but if you don't need the meds afterall, then why take them?

nicole s
In 90 to 95 percent of high blood pressure cases, the cause is unknown. Factors that may lead to high blood pressure:
Kidney abnormality
A structural abnormality of the aorta (large blood vessel leaving the heart) existing since birth
Narrowing of certain arteries
You may be on the verge of becoming a diabetic

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