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 Are these heart rates normal?
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 Is it normal for a five year old child to be aware of their heart beating?
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My blood pressure is 97/54?
It is very low and makes me feel tired at times during the day. I'm told it's ok. but not so sure!

you don't mention your age....that has something to do with it.

97/54 is normal for someone that is say 12 to 18 years old.

if you get tired, it is more likely because you don't eat right or get sufficient sleep, a blood pressure like that isn't low.

it is very low. Were you told this by your doctor? Consider seeing a cardiologist.

Airbourne Ace
its a bit to low


it means you live longer as if its high like mine you wont make it probably into your ninteys as your heart works really really hard.

feel good you have a long life ahead of you unless a world war starts then you will go early

Lily H
who told you it was ok? my sis had very low blood pressure and she lived with it for years with no problems. she did tire easily and had problems giving blood, but they said no correction was needed - its just the way she was. If it was your Gp or nurse that said its ok then thats fine, but if it was someone with no medical training - best just to check. some medications can make your blood pressure very low like beta blockers (mine can be as low as yours, but i take beta blockers) and my gp says this reading is fine.

Heather D
No it's not too low. You could be tired because of your activity or are you anemic? Mine usually measures 101/60 (in that range) these readings are usually for athletes or children, so it is normal.

Ben K
Last time I went to the doctor, mine was 88/40. The doctor said that since I'm in my 20's I only need to be concerned about the top number, and try to keep it above 90, if possible.

I am symptomatic. I faint if I stand up or sit still for long periods of time. I'm on a high salt diet to increase blood pressure.

If you think increasing your blood pressure will make you feel better, make sure you drink enough water and eat an much salt as possible. See if that helps. Good luck.

This is a normal low variant, anything below 120 is prefectly fine UNLESS your syptomatic.

You were correct in being told (I presume by your Doctor) that this is normal, it is.

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