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My blood pressure is 204/104 is this too high?
im not feeling well and i have high blood pressure it is 204/104 and feels like something sitting on myt chest and my left arm hurts should i go to doctors i dont wanna jump the gun,,,ty

yes it's very high. lots of complications if not treated. call 911 and they will give you nitro on the spot, then schedule a visit with your doc.

i think i remember hearing that that is really bad. i think 210 and your dead. iwould contact a doctor NOW!! i am serious.

Take an aspirin and go to ER NOW!!!! You are having all the classic symptoms of a heart attack. Your BP is way to high! Go get help now! Good luck!

Sea Bass
i would say see a doctor as soon as possible ..

u have typical symptoms of cardivascular problems, might be a developing heart attack .. take someone with u and go see a doc. 204/104 is high enough to cause damage.

yes u need to go to the doctor ur blood pressue is to high ,,,, and ur left arm is hurting that a nad sign so i think u should go

kimberly d
yes way to high get to emergency room NOW

Thats a pretty high diastolic and the systolic isnt great either. You are exhibiting signs of a heart attack. Get treated quickly!

Of course you should go to the doctors! You know.. you're supposed to go there when you feel sick or arent' ok. Your blood pressure is more than twice of what it should be. As soon as you read this, call 911, you run a risk of having a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make an appointment with your doctor immediately. Better yet, just run over to the emergency room or one of your neighborhood 24 hour care facilities. They will run tests on you and tell you what to do. Blood pressure should be around 120/80. Get going. NOW

mary s
If you tested your own pressure maybe it's incorrect. It is imperative that you see a dr or go the to the er right away.Never fool around with hypertension,it leads to to other major problems especially if untreated.

204/104 is way to high. The ideal blood pressure now is 120/80 or lower. !40/80 was the norm for many years. Now, if you have anything over 140/80, you would be on blood pressure medicine. See a Doctor NOW!!! HIgh Blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes etc.

As a healthcare provider I say : GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND CALL 911. Your blood pressure is high enough to be considered hypertensive crisis and you are describing the symptoms of a hearst attack....including denial. And avoid the temptation to drive yourself to the ER. Please just call 911. I know of which I speak.

Yes that is high way high that is close to arrest....you need to seek immeadiate attention in the ER or even better call 911

I'd get off the computer and call 911. You are bucking for a stroke or heart attack. Take and aspirin, not tylenol or advil and do it!!!!

Yes,that is very high!The old ideal blood pressure was 140/70,and now that's considered borderline high blood pressure.You should go to your doctor,or the ER immediately,especially with your other symptoms.Better to be safe than sorry!Good luck!

It is surely alarming High BP ! You should not be left UN treated for a reason that you also is having some chest discomfort and tightening like !This is not normal! Please go to heart doctor cardiologist for EKG and TMT with some risk ! Give up smoking if you are smoker and take salt restricted diet and take low fat in diet and main thing is do not ignore this high BP as it is the first number silent killer of the whole world !Sooner or later you will be the victim of heart problem or attack also and that may end yor life abruptly as a doctor i have seen such cases!Keep your body weight under control and one another thing is make a habit of RELAXING yourself! Go on site of baba ramdev for yoga and meditation for best relaxation of the body and mind ! Try to keep you in pleasurable mood !Take medicine to lower your BP and also take Aspirin for avoiding complication like stroke and heart attck of high BP If satisfied give me best answer mark !Always YouRsmE

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