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My blood pressure is 120 over 100 is this serious?

Mabtis mine is 180 over 200.

its not suposto be that high
i think normal is like 90

I am not a doctor, but..... that sounds normal to me

kind of high, but not too bad

...it's getting there... get some help...

mystery t
yeap.. high!

Go to your Dr. as soon as you can if this is an ongoing thing, the 100 is troubling.

120 (systolic) is great but the 100 (dailstolic) is troubling...if your diastolic number is high you should consult your dr. Normal diastolic is lower than 80, prehypertension is 80-89, and high is 90 or greater.... (stage 1 is 90-99, stage 2 is 100 and over). Better to be safe than sorry....call your doctor!

A diastolic (the lower number) of 90 or over is very serious. Are you sure that's your pressure? It's very unusual to have that narrow a pulse pressure. If that truly is your BP, you need to go to the ER; there could be a serious physiological reason for it involving your heart muscle, the sac around your heart, or your main arteries.

Your systolic number (the top) is good that number shouldn't be over one 120 if it is that is a sign of pre-hypertension. Your Diastolic number(the bottom) is a little high, that number should stay around 80. 120/80 is the normal make sure you are taking your blood pressure at rest meaning sit down rest for 5 minutes then take your b/p sitting down. If the number is still that high yo need to see your doctor

Your systolic pressure is ok, but you may be in a lot of stress to have that diastolic above 90 mmHg. If it is consistently above 90 or your BP rises to 140/90, have it checked by your doctor.

normal b/p is 120over 80
your top one is ok
your bottom one keep an eye
on it and if it gets higher see a Dr

The 100 is troubling. That may mean advanced atherosclerosis. Such a high bottom number means your heart never rests much. The top number sounds good. But without a significantly lower bottom number, you're in a hurt. See a doctor, please.

Yes. Any diastolic pressure over 90 is dangerous. It doesn't mean you'll drop dead any time - it needs to be a lot higher than this to burst a blood vessel - but still, you need medication.

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