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 Heart palpitations???
I have just had lunch, had some pasta and a cigerette! I come back to work and just had a palpitation. Now i feel breathless, weak and tired, but fidgety at the same time. Do you think i ought to go ...

 Heart Pain? or Chest pain?
Over the past year, I have had a 3 episodes of extreme pain in my chest right above my heart. It feels like my chest is being ripped open and I have extreme burning and pain that goes up to my ...

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Here's what happened:
I was driving when a car came out of nowhere and almost hit me really bad. I got really scared and felt a little bit of chest pain (in the center) that lasted a few ...

 Heart attack . can i claim disability allowance?
im 62 yrs ...

 I thought that bth my father and uncle had died of heart attacks.?
However on my father's death certificate it read:'Coronary artery thrombosis due to coronary artety atheroma.'
My uncle's read: 'Myocardial infarction.'
Are ...

 Doc said yesterday I have an Aneurysm on heart valve. SCARED!!!?
yubest answer q
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S D...

 My wife was just dianosed with a polminary embolism(age 24). had a brief st spike?
My wife age 24 was just diagnosed yesterday with having 2 pulminary embolisms in her lower right lobes. with a small lung infarction. 1 I cant sleep I worry so much about her. She seemed ...

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I 've been checked recently with negative results. It's a constant pain like a pointed piece of glass pinching in there, the pain goes stright to my back. The cat scann showed nothing and ...

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please suggest any medicine,...

 Blood pressure results?
so ive just a had a second reading and it was
178/113.... the nurse said...ohhh myyy god! nice of her to put me at ease.!
im going back for a EPG test and some other bits and pieces..

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For starters, I realize what causes high blood pressure and how it can be naturally lowered through diet, exercise, etc. and the importance of doing this. My question really relates more to why there ...

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I live in CA....

 What is heart rate at rest? son just got taken by ambualnce he is 22 yrs old?
and he has hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy... his feet and some parts of his body are numb and he has been fainting and turning bluish, he himself called ambualnce when all of us were ...

 Tell me who do you know has a heart problem be serious and no spam or other crap?
my mom was just admitted to the hospital this afternoon with heart problems and i am very sad but i will be wondering how other ...

 Heart Problems??
Im an 18 yrd female and I need to ask a question about weird heart beats. I am 5'5 and weigh around 240 so yes, Im overweight, but sometimes Ill just be sitting down and all of a sudden, my ...

 Could "high blood pressure" be classified as a heart disease?

My blood pressure is 100 over 60. What's normal? Is this normal?

It could be just normal for you, I have the same BP as you and never been a problem, if your doctors aren't concerned and you feel good don't worry about it

Low normal. You are probably a thin person. Many would envy you.

Normal blood pressure is 120 over 80. Yours is alittle low but I don't think it's too low for you to worry about unless it keeps getting lower,then I would go and see your doctor.

You'll be Ok. Keep eating healthy and exercise daily.

Kirk D
120 over 80 is a normal range... your a little below that which is just fine...

They have actually changed the normal range to 118/78. They would become concerned that you have hypotension (low blood pressure) if your BP was lower than 90/60. Anything above that and below the 120/80 or now 118/78 is considered optimal for good health.

120 / 80 is normal. Your is just a little lower, but not alarming yet. Do monitor the pressure often and if you feel weak, have a cup of coffee to bring your pressure up.

120/80 used to be normal, but they lowed the guidelines last year to 110/70. So you are a bit low, but that is a lot better than being high. You will live a long, healthy life. If you feel its too low and get too dizzy, you can always eat something salty like soup with lots of salt in it. Ask your doctor. If you have no symptoms, I wouldn't worry about it.

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