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 My heart rate sped up...?
I'm kinda of worried...it's been like this for the past seven hours. It's at an irregular higher rate...not drastic, but still faster than my normal heart beat. Is there any way to ...

 Is there any Cardiac Nurses out there? i had a catheter ablasion done on friday.?
i expected the bruise i got from where the local went in but when my daughter accidently kicked below the bruise i have had two larger bruises appear and part of my leg has swollen. should i be ...

 Pacemaker ... Please help ?
OK, so my gramma's doctor told her that she needs a pacemaker, and my aunt from australia keeps telling her that pacemaker patients won't even make it a year after the surgery, she is ...

 A human heart can be use after this person died?
well a wonder how doctor trasplant a heart if the person is dead .logic answer please....

 Possibility of Heart Problems?
For the past week I have been having heart palpitations. Its has been a month since I've been to the hospital and had an EKG done and I was told that besides the beginning stages of high blood ...

 What is the best time of the day to take anti-hypertension medicine?

 Ventricular tachyardia?
i am 21 yr. old and just been diagnosed with having ventricular tachyardia!! I am scared to death at the thought of having this condition, i have an apptmt. to see a cardiologist next week, but i'...

 High blood pressure?
My work mate is 63 years old with no problems in health so far in life. We were taking peoples blood pressure in the office and found that his was 228/88. The machine almost maxed out to read his ...

 My blood pressure is 73 over 38 while resting in my chair at night is that blood pressure to low???

 How do I reduce my diastolic Blood pressue.It's continually 96-100.?

 What is a defibrillator really for?
In the Netherlands, there is a campaign going on to get as many people as possible to buy a defibrillator (approx. $600). The point is that when a heart attack is reported to the emergency services, ...

 What diseases can be caused by thyroid glands complications.?
Is heart problems one of ...

 How can I lower my LDL?

 My heart has been beating fast and hurting all day im only 20 and drank a coffee this morning but thats it?
im really scared it feels like someone is squeezing it or like a bubble is stuck inside. What could this be? I think im making it worse by freaking out but i dont want to have heart problems I have ...

 Medication ,does anyone take,CLONIDINE,,i also take lisinoprin,,atenol?
does anyone know about it ????
Additional Details
i am on heart tabs as well dont like taking them all ...

 The scary truth??
Fact: doctors perform unnecessary surgerys on patients after spending a long night out pissing away money Fact: Drug companys are trying to get every single american hooked on some kind of drug Fact: ...

 Drinking cold water after a meal will give you a heart attack?

 Sudden chest pains?
Please help! Im a 23 year old mother of 2 and have never had any medical problems but for the past 2 or 3 months Ive been getting sharp pains on my left side of my chest. Could this be my heart? It ...

 Can someone in their 20s have a heart attack, and if so, how common is it?

 I want to help my Dad lower his high blood pressure. Where can I find recipes that will help him lower his bp?
I really want to help my Dad lower his blood pressure. I know that he needs to avoid excess salt or anything that contains high salt content but he's a single Dad now and he and my brother live ...

My arms and hands fall asleep and tingle when I go to bed or lay down. What is wrong with me? I need sleep!!?

go and see your doctor tomorrow! we can try to help answer each other's questions, but when it comes to circulation, GO GET CHECKED OUT! while it is probably nothing, you don't want to learn the hard way.

Talk to your doctor about taking potassium. It helps me. please don't take it without talking to your doctor first.

okay it is probbaly from to much heat or cold take a nice oatmeal bath a few times a month and that should work!

california dreamin'
I have the same problem and went for a test to see if it was due to a pinched nerve or carpel tunnel.
I had a conduction test on my hand and elbow and arm. Nothing was found. It has been very frustrating. There are pins and needles 24/7 in the left hand and at night it is worse. Wait until you feel it in the top of your head! I am going to try the potassium. Could not hurt...

that sensation is from nerves being pinched. you need to either change positsions that you sleep in, or you can see a chiropractor to see if you need to be adjusted to free up your nerves

You may have a pinched nerve in your neck.
Before going to a chiropractor, I'd suggest a workup by your primary care provider. This MAY include an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan.
If surgery isn't indecated (hopefully!), then physical therapy (or chiropractic) may help.

you may have carpul tunnel syndrome i your wrists-
see a doc

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