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Additional Details
Its for my niece. Her father died of myocardiopathy and I'm just worried she is ...

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 I have been wondering?
i suffer from unstable angina i take 2 teaspoons of sugar in tea and cofee
and love to eat some chocolate and sweet
food tried to stop am i at risk of heart attack thankyou for ...

 Why would smoking weed noticeably raise my heart rate after a while and I was only 16?
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 What are the relationships of high blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes?

 I have severe dizziness and swelling legs what is this a sign of?
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 My pulse is 104 is the normal for a male who is 43 yrs old.?

 Can you put the following steps in order?
Place the steps in order as if you were traveling form you FINGER to your HEART and BACK.

finger capillary
right ventricle
brachial vein
tricuspid valve

 Does regular blood test reveal everything about my body?
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 What makes a person have an heart attck?

 Why the face turns blue/black after death due to heart attack?

Election 08
Is triple heart bypass surgery dangerous than most surgeries?
my english's teachers father is having this triple heart bypass surgery. he got this three arteries blocked. i will say it is dangerous. what do you think?

yes,more ppl need to read about healthy food and herb eating

Every body deserves life!
It's right up there with brain and eye surgery. I'm sure everything will work out. It's just that if they goof up, they will have to start over with a new heart.

Depends on how damaged the arteries in the heart is.......

Any bypass surgery is extremely dangerous. Doesn't matter how many bypasses need to be done.

Yeah its dangerous, however the survival rates are very high probably 90 or more. 20 years ago that number was probably 10-20%, but technology has served us well!!!

Count Chocula
it is not an uncommon surgery these days. they do them at the hospital where I work, and we have a very very high recovery rate. but it is a heart surgery, so yes, it is dangerous

It is dangerous, but it is probably more dangerous to do nothing.

I had a triple bypass earlier this year. The information I was given was before I signed the consent form indicated about two percent of patients did not survive the surgery. To some people 2% may sound like a small number, but when you are about to have the surgery it sounds pretty big.

One thing that made me feel a lot better was a talk with a nurse. She pointed out that 2% was an average, including people who were rushed straight from the emergency room to the operating room following a massive heart attack, people who were a lot older than I am, and people who had other complications such as diabetes, emphysema, etc.

So, while there is no doubt that the procedure is more dangerous than most other surgeries, the odds are much higher that everything will come out well.

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