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Is total cholestrol 233 highly dangerous?

It is on the higher side. start taking Rudved to reduce your cholestrol.

It is high, but a good diet and exercise regime might lower it. If the bad cholesterol is the highest, that is worse than if the LDH is high.

No. not very dangerous. but keep on controlling it. it will be better for heart life and functioning. avoid fatty and oily food. better to take a morning walk daily.

spiritual healer
One should eat lots of garlic(atleat 2 whole pods) and onion ( atleast 500 gms) every week cooked with other food and positive results can be experienced in two to three months.

Not at all my dear, you are unnecessarily worried. Just relax & start going for morning walk.

It is not highly dangerous. But it is better to reduce it. The best way is to reduce the intake of food which has high cholesterol. Also start morning walks. Ayurveda also has remedies which are effective and without side effects.

I am sure it can be controlled without allopathic drugs which definitely have side effects.

not much higher. but you can take atorvastatin available in the market by the name tonact once daily . cut extra calories. repeat lipid profile after 3 month.

The ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol) is more important than total cholesterol (that figure also includes triglycerides).
If your total is 233, but you also have very high HDL, you are probably fine. every adult should strive to have an HDL of 60 or higher---the higher, the better. My total is 202, but my HDL is 90, so in terms of heart and vascular health, it's quite a good number.

Not at all.But, it is deviating from the maximum permissible level of 200 mg/dl.Therefore, you have to take some exercise and modifications in diet and life style to bring down the total cholestrol.

Syed A
No! but it is at the higher side and will have to control your fat consumption and exercise.

Artichoke, lemon, garlic....herbs for high cholesterol...

i would not say so. as far as i am concerned we (germany) do not do anything before the level does not go beyond 250. like always: this varies from person to person, so you might be fine with that, and you might not be. if you want to know more, go and talk to a cardiologist. he can find out if you have any coronary heart desease that should be treatet. most of the time it helps to just follow a simple diet to bring the level down.
if you are concerened, get all the details checked with a doctor, and ask all the questions you have!
good luck to you!

Mountain Bear
Yes, and you need to bring it down soon. Make sure to have a doctor check it if you did this at a screening, take in the results the screening place gave you.

I had used Cholesterol drugs for five years, ate only what they said I should and my cholesterol remained high. I'm not saying this is what you should do, you need to do research and decide for yourself. But, I read that crushed flax seed or flax seed oil could bring it down. I had my Cholesterol tested agian, it was 243 and my triglicerides were high and my good Cholesterol too low. I ate 1 tablespoon full of crushed Flax seed for one month, each morning. Had my Cholesterol checked agian after one month and for the first time my cholesterol had dropped 40 points. My good Cholesterol was up a litle, not as much as needed, but up and my Triglycerides were down.

If you try this, eat only a little if you have food allergies, until you know if you are allergic or not. Health food stores sell this in bulk and you can use a coffee grinder to crush it or just chew it really well. It also has Omega-3 which is good for the heart, nerves and brain. I tried the Flax Pills, they didn't work half as well.

GOOD LUCK and get that cholesterol down soon.

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