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 Im 15 and my blood pressure 138/63. im worried!?
im not what you would call obese but im slightly overweight. i have a very strange diet that in some places is very healthy and some is very unhealthy. i drink about 1 litre of orange juice a day and ...

 I just got told by doctor my heart is very weak so do i give up?
i just turned 50 and i was told my heart is very weak and i need to have a angiagram test and that scares me to death! Is it normal to be so afraid of dying at my age?...

 High blood pressure is hypertension, but what's a high pulse called?
I have a weak heart from anthracycline therapy. I see my cardiologist at least once a year and check my blood pressure daily. my blood pressure is normal, but my pulse is usually between 80 and 130 ...

 What's the safest maintenance med for a husband who has hi BP but doesn't want to see a doctor?
...and we can't really convince him to go to the doctor. I know that he reaaly needs to take maintenance medicine for the heart since he's exposed to daily stress and lack of sleep. His ...

 When you suffer from high blood pressure should you refrain from drinking beer?
I suffer from high blood pressure and my wife thinks i should stop drinking beer, i drink about 18 cans per week.
Additional Details
i did say 18 cans per WEEK not per DAY!...

 I gave up smoking 10 wks ago now have high blood pressure?
I had low blood pressure - around 120 top - before I started to quit. I am stressed from giving up smoking but I didn't realise it would mean my blood pressure would go up to borderline ...

 If you needed a heart transplant ?
and were told by the doctors that it was nearly compatible to your own heart but it might be rejected would you accept it anyway if you knew with out taking it you would die?...

 Why does my cardiologist want me to take a baby asprin everyday?
i have cardiomyopathy and congestive heart faliure.i was at his office the other day and he told me that i needed to take a baby asprin a day but why ?...

 At times, for no apart reason, my heart beats super fast. It usually happens when I am relaxed. Should I worry

Additional Details
I'm 42 years old and was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse when I was 20. Because of my MVP I've always had to deal with skipped beats and regurgatation. ...

 Is it my heart?
Hi I am 38years old and have been on high blood pressure tablets for nearly 3 months but as yet they have failed to lower my blood pressure. i am only on 25mg a day. Something happend tonight that ...

 Women appear to be less likely than men to have heart attacks. What explains this?

 Any remedies for a broken heart?

 What should I do about my heart mummer?
I have had a heart mummber since I was a baby. I was a premautre baby. Mines wasn't that bad compare to my twin sister's heart mumber she had to get surgery on her heart. I been having ...

 Im 19yrs old, im thin and my weight is 45 and my hieght 160cm and my cholesterol is 227,is it really bad?
the pharmacist told me that im under weight and i have to stop eating fatty food but gain weight at the same time, how is that possible? i would like to know what could be the causes of this? plus ...

 My wife gets headache , dizziness, fast heart beat frequently?
about 3 weeks ago after having 5-6 light beers at the night she had dizziness , headache and fast heart beat which I thought probably was normal because of the alcohol.since that time she has not ...

 How can I prevent my hypertension? What precautions I have to take?

 What causes high blood pressure?

 What is your blood pressure supposed to be? No sarcastic answers please. Thanks.?

 My husband's blood pressure reads 144/104 should he head out to the emergency room or not?

 When i exercise my heart feel a little pain?
Can it be that i dont exercise enough, because i havent exercise for a while and i began doing it now.
like a little 1 second pain when i do some dance moves....

Is it true that avocado can cause heart blockage?

Of course it doesn't.

It is one of the most healthiest vegetables which should be eaten on a regular basis, as it is these natural oils our skin and body require and instead of the normal hamburger, cheese burger, and french fries oil.


avocados contain the good fat. The mono and poly fat


larry t

$ingh $harapova
If taken in excess

Avocados are a gift from God! I love them! (and, hey, they are not greasy - they are rich) Yes, they're high in fat but they also contain many natural vitamins and minerals. A little goes a long way. Enjoy!
Check out these sites:

Only if you inject it directly into your bloodstream.

Plaque from bad diet and natural genetics builds up and creates narrowing of blood passages. If these "bottle-necks" break loose like the polar ice caps, they may become lodged in the next narrowing.

So, eat up. Just make sure to get your heartrate up to clean them blood pipes!

Avocado's are good for the heart they contain no cholesterol which heaps of good nutrients

TOO MUCH of everything causes harm....

Anita N
avocado are one of the best fruit to eat, they contain oils that are essential to the skin and proper running of the body.

dances with unicorns
Avocados are vegetables, and thus have NO cholesterol (cholesterol is only found in animals). That being said, avocados DO have a relatively high level of fat, and are best eaten in moderation.

avocado is very good for you...where did you hear such rubbish????

well avocado is too greasy and is very bad for the cholesterol.

well, I would think so, they are very greasy!

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