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Is it possible to have had a mild stroke?
serious answers please yesterday about 4/30 i felt all funy and my head had a fuzy felling then my right arm and hand want heavy and pins and needles in my fingers after a min or 2 my leg became and i could not walk un aded my husband gave me a solubal asprin and phoned the doc surgery and they said to phone an ambulance buy as i did not feel pain only a tightness in my jaw and throat i would give it time to see how i went and after about an hour my feelings came back to normal and although i was a little frightened to go to bed to sleep i feel fine this morning except for a little tingling in my toungis it posable i have had a very mild stroak and other than stop smoking is there anything i should do so i will not have this experance again as it was a but frightening

Try hand reflexology.I got rid of my gallstone by using hand reflexology and sometime I massage the heart reflex point in the fingers to stimulate my heart and also for prevention.Good luck.

It is possible, but you need to to see a doctor; he/she can diagnose a stroke only by hearing about your symptoms and examining you. The symptoms of a stroke vary depending on the type of stroke and the part of the brain it affects. Symptoms include:
numbness, weakness or inability to move the face, arm or leg on one side of the body
trouble with vision - sudden loss of sight in one eye, blind spots or double vision
confusion or difficulty understanding
difficulty speaking (this is called dysphasia or aphasia)
difficulty swallowing (this is called dysphagia)
problems walking, loss of balance or co-ordination
severe headache
loss of consciousness
Stroke symptoms usually come on suddenly, within seconds or minutes. How severe the symptoms are depends on where in the brain the stroke happened and how many brain cells were affected. If your doctor believes you have suffered a mild stroke, he will probably order a brain scan in order to discover what type of stroke you have had and which part of your brain is affected. So do see the doctor as soon as possible, because even if it wasn't a stroke, the symptoms you experienced need investigating, as you need to know WHY this happened to you.

It's entirely possible. You should get a medical opinion. Stroke issues are generally about thinning the blood and apart from medication, diet and exercise are the things that can help with that. Again, your doctor can put you on a good and safe regimen for both.

Lorraine M
You definately have to go to the doctors or the hospital for this, even though your symptoms have now gone. It does sound like a TIA attack (mild stroke) but it also sounds like you could have had a mild heart attack! Dont be alarmed, its just the way you said you had a tightness in your jaw and throat, sometimes you can have a heart attack and not actually have the pain in your chest, but you can have other symptoms. They can do a blood test to see if you have had a heart attack. Your husband did the right thing by giving you an aspirin, but you definately have to see a doctor, cos you may need to take aspirin on a daily basis from now on. You need some tests.

Yes. The description you gave indicates that you may well have had what's termed a TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) ... a sort of mini-stroke.

You really need to be seen by your doctor, and although it's too late for him/her to do anything about the one you had, s/he may well prescribe you blood thinning (anticoagulant) medications ... one of which is Aspirin.

Please be aware that if this was a mini-stroke that you experienced there is a danger that others might follow, or even a full stroke. (The difference between a mini-stroke and a full stroke is that with the mini-stroke, the symptoms are usually short lived ... usually less than 24 hours ... and subsequent ones may become progressively worse. With a full stroke, the symptoms last for much longer, and may, in fact, become permanent. Sadly, I've been in the position to witness TIAs with several people during my working life, and it's not a pretty sight for either carer or sufferer.)

Take a look at the following site, and please do follow the advice given.

yes its probable, there are small blood clots that pass.
also you might want to check to see if your neck and or back has not been knocked out
you may want to see a chiropractor, osteopathic, for a adjustment

Anthony F
You should take a daily dose of children's' aspirin, or you could take fish oil tablets which you could buy over the counter at the pharmacy. I don't know if all this will help you though if you continue to smoke.
And yes, it could have been a mild stroke, the precedent to a larger one. Good luck.

this is something 4 your doctor you shud go asp as this can be nothing or a warning for a much bigger one don't mess with your health go see your GP if this happens again phone for ambulance go hospital
they r called Minnie strokes and you can have them for a little while before you notes them i work with stroke victims
please don't mess around get looked at soon

You and many people are afraid to go and be checked out but in the long run it is best if you go now down to A&E and let them check you out.Asprin will not cure slight strokes or mild heart attacks so do as your doctor told you and get seen to love,get a taxi or get some one to drive you down as it takes ages waiting for an ambulance.

Agree with the other respondents. Mild strokes (and mild heart attacks) are both very possible, and not uncommon at alll.

Giving up smoking won't do you any harm at all, for any number of health reasons, so if you can, do so.

Also, please go and see a doctor as soon as possible - just because you're not having symptoms now doesn't mean that your condition has improved..

It is certainly possible to have a mild stroke and it could be serious.Call an emergency doctor,or get to your nearest Accident and Emergency.

could be but the fact that you have tingling sounds more like a mild heart attack. Please see your gp asap. Even a tiny attack can cause scar tissue on your heart. Please get checked

Anti theist
may have been a t.i.a. , similar to a stroke,but no permanent brain damage occurs. my mother gets them.
Were you confused and had trouble talking?
If so it probably was one.
In any case you must visit your doctor.
He can prescribe drugs to help you.

Noone on here can answer this .You need to get medically checked out as soon as possible. Good luck.

my mom has suffered mild strokes (tia's) she usually falls over and it really seems like she is drunk,also she cannot remember it the next day, your symptoms do sound like a mild stroke,it would be best if you could give up smoking (my mom hasn't) and also exercise is good to keep your circulation going, and maybe a soluble aspirin daily ,but seek medical advice on this, hope you are better soon.

Yes , you must go to get a check up.

Happy Murcia
Yes it is possible, best thing for you to do if you are concerned is to go and see your GP for a check up....

Mark J
if you think it may have been a stroke, then do not stop, go straight to your GP and get it diagnosed.

there are lots of things that medics get mithered for which are not serious or worrying or significant.. this could be. Strokes are serious, a mild stroke may be a precurosr to a more serious event.. only a medic can tell you that.

You say its felt frightening.. well go somewhere and get them to either assuage your fears or diagnose what happened. In any event your GP isn't going to be concerned about your worries as to whether its significant.... Im sure they would rather have a false alarm than an undiagnosed stroke.

There are times when we don';t want to be a burden, don't want to bother, put off waht we have to do.. this isn't one of those
good luck, and lets hope its something else entirely

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