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Nicole J
Is it healthy to have a resting heart rate of 96 bpm?
I am a 23 year old male and am in good shape. 6'1 200lbs.

you rang
That is a little fast but your blood pressure is what really tells the whole story. High blood pressure is what leads to more deaths in this country it causes heart attacks strokes and a whole bunch of other conditions.

Chris R
Normal resting - awake and alert is 72.

NB There are always exceptions.

If you have had your pulse rate measured at previous medical visits and they have not said anything then I doubt it is normal for you. Seek medical attention asap.

Maryn Bittner
That's pretty fast. "Normal" is 72 or so.

Naturally, healthy people have large variations from normal, so it doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with out.

Be sure you take it when you're really resting--and not within several hours of exercise or caffeine consumption. Try taking it when you wake up naturally (on a weekend with no alarm clock) before you get out of bed.

If you've had a physical in the last year or so, I wouldn't worry about it.

Wendy C
A normal resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. You should keep a check on it. But the lower your resting heart rate the better, the ideal heart rate is around 70-80 bpm. The higher your heart rate the more your heart has to work. If you start having other symptoms along with this and your heart rate continues to increase, see your physician. My heart rate normally runs about 96-100 at rest, sometimes a little over 100. It is the "normal" for me but it comes from other health conditions I have. Check your blood pressure also. The following can make your heart rate increase also:

Too much caffeine, anemia, decongestants, fever, heart disease, an overactive thyroid, medications used to treat asthma, stimulants such as amephetamines, diet pills smoking, stress, too much salt intake.

Click this link if you would like to see more info:

No. And you're not in good shape if that's the case. You have a weak elongated heart. It's best you go to gnc and get some amino fuel right away, eat lost of fish and potatoes and run your self do death.. well actually don't move to fast. if you die it's not my fault! 60 pm is healthy, 70 to 80 is considered normal, but if you want to live well I'd try to keep it under 70 atleast.

It is in the high range. It should be between 60 and 80 bpm.

Did somebody on here just suggest by a simple BPM reading that this guy has an elongated heart and needs amino fuel?
There are MANY factors that contribute to a high heart rate and 96 is NOT abnormal. As many others pointed out, 72 BMP is considered 'normal' (average) at rest, generally taken upon waking.
There are people with atrial fibrillation who live perfectly healthy, long lives with BPMs of 200+ and up EVEN AT REST. Your heart does not ' tire out' from a fast heart rate. It's true that those who are in good cardiac shape hover around 60 per minute or so, but 'healthy' people die everday of random cardiac events also. They are not immune to heart problems.
Don't worry about it. Have your blood pressure checked and watch your cholesterol, watch for real cardiac symptoms (shortness of breath, chest pain, ankle swelling) and don't focus on your heart beat. The anxiety involved in worrying about it alone will up your pulse, guaranteed.

Kevin L
Your resting rate should be a lot lower then that.

It should be more like 60 at rest. A resting heart rate of 96bpm is actually quite bad. It means your heart has to work much harder when you aren't doing anything then it should.

Your resting heart rate should be checked as you awaken in the morning,unless of course, you've had a poor night's or bad dreams, because this will stimulate your heart to beat faster. A normal resting heart rate is usually 60-72 beat per minute (bpm). When are you checking it?? A heart beat at 100 is considered "tachycardic " or too high!! I am an exercise fanatic and my resting bbp is 52-60. How is your blood pressure? Is there a family history of HTN ( hypertension/high blood pressure) ?? What about your dietary intake??Do you eat healthy?? Do you use too much salt??? When was your last Physical Exam??? I would recommend that you contact your doc, just to be on the safe side. I hope that this helps!

Sure normal heart rates very and may even get up to 100. I know if you start to have a heart rate over 100 resting then you'd need to be concerned. I know this because I have hyperthyroidisim and my heart rate is generally never below about 115.

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