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Is it a heart attack that I had last night?
I was trying to sleep. And Suddenly I felt my heart racing a bit. I was trying to relaxing but. And, suddenly I felt weird pressure on my left chest. It was like someone pushed my chest from inside. My skin didn't felt pressure but I sure felt pressure from my heart.

I was trying to asking for help but I couldn't because I was out of voice. I felt normal agian in a minute. What was that?

giovanni s
..your typing now which means your ok...

Probably not a heart attack, but it could have been a sign of heart problems. Some people with heart disease will have chest pain, but it is not a heart attack. I believe this is called angina. you should probably see a doctor.

Please go to your doctor today! They can give you a test to see what your "levels" are at and will let you know if you had a heart attack or not. I know it might be scary to find out but they have a lot of things they can do for you. Do not wait! It is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, that pressure you felt is exactly what they ask you about for symptoms of a heart attack. Let us know how it goes!

Maybe you had a panic attack. Racing heart beat is a symptom of a panic attack. If your under stress, or have racing thoughts before bed I thinks it that. Good Luck

Don't take a chance. Get to a doctor as soon as you can and get checked out. While it may be nothing it may also be a precursor to something very serious. This from a guy that had a heart attack and a brother who died at 41 from a heart attack.

The post above is an idiot.
You can have a heart attack, and be fine later.

You really should see a doctor, they can check enzymes in your blood and tell.
And they could also possibly predict (and head off!) another one, so this is very important to get in and see someone right away.
It could be nothing, but it most certainly could be a heart attack, or something leading up to one.
They will probably put you on a treadmill test to be sure.

I'm not sure, but please see a doctor and get checked out!

Michael J
It sounds like what you were having were palpitations, which can be caused by a racing heart rate.
On the other hand, there are also "silent" heart attacks which occur with very few symptoms and then pass leaving you feeling normal again. If it was one of these, or even angina as was mentioned below, it will leave you much more susceptible to future heart attacks. The older and more unhealthy you are, the more I would be concerned but definitely go and get checked out soon, it isnt worth the risk!

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