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What are the odds on my needing another one if I continue smoking. I need a correct answer not just a guess....

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could stress cause it to go up? if not stress what could cause it to go up?

I'm ...

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 133 beats per minute....?
Would 133 beats per minute be bad or what?
I am 17 and average weight
my main concern is my doctor wants me back in a month,but my heart rate is still up pretty high.this is the 3rd day.

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 Has any one ever heard of Athlete's heart? I was told by a doctor I have it but offered no treatment or any a

 My father is getting a pace maker attached to his heart?
What are ther risk? I am nervous and worried.
Additional Details
You all calmed me down. I am going to leave it up to you guys for the votes.

 Mini heart attacks?
My grandma keeps having these "spells" that her doctor said could be "mini heart attacks". She gets chest, shoulder and arm pain, stomach upset, and often passes out. She ...

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It also makes my heart speed up at times. I drink regular soda all day long and it really does not affect me. Just with coffee and energy drinks. I am assuming they have more caffeine in them. I am ...

 Any info appreciated?
been in hospital twice regarding s.v.t due to see consultant on thurday for test results and for him to tell me if i need an operation i know what s.v.t is but im a little worried ...anybody else ...

 Interactive web site out there for stroke? I think I may have had one yesterday afternoon.?
I'm 52, healthy. Much history of this on my Mom's side of the family. She went to heaven June 1997 from complications of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.
My little "episode&...

 Can you have a stroke and know even know it? What are some symptoms of having a stroke?

Is a cholesterol level of 3.8 good or bad?

thats good anything up to 5 is good if thats what yours is then your doing great

how did you get 3.8 rare i would say norm is about 4,5 so yous is very healthy, just to let you all know you can get high cholesterol in your late 20s yes it can be a problem around 40 or 50,also there is good and bad cholesterol, its the bad one people forget about,so get checked, also being heavy doesnt mean its high ,you can be thin, body can build up the cholesterol on its own the bad one ,also fatty foods as you know build up aswell.

very good is the simple answer ,but you should still be vigilant in your diet at all times .keep it up

Good! Don't worry, anything less than 5 is considered healthy by the medical profession, certainly in the United Kingdom.

Edit: Just to clarify following comments in subsequent answers, Cholesterol is measured in mmol/L (moles per litre). An explanation of what a mole is can be found here.


LDL or HDL? I agree with ringocox, I have never heard it expressed that way, was always in mg.---- by the way, am from US and my cholesterol is excellent, so NYAH.

I have never heard of a cholesterol in that level. Is this report from outside the US and in units other than mg%?? If it is in mg% I would start to worry throid for one thing.

3.8 is excellent (UK)

If you are between 40 and 50 year sof age (which is the only critical time for cholesterol) you should keep it below 4. Between those ages anything over 5 could indicate a greater risk of heart attack.

If you are under 30 it does not really matter unless you are also overweight and under-exercised.

if you are from US you are probably there already

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