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Is a 144/74 blood pressure normal?
i found out i had highblood pressure but confused on the levels to worry about it was 180/100 and then 140/96 now 144/74 do i watch the bottom numbers or the top numbers

It's just a tad above normal but not really enough to be considered significant. If you can keep your blood pressure in that range you should be fine. That said, if you know of any way to reduce your blood pressure, that would be a good thing, as an increase in blood pressure at this point would almost certainly be bad.

aarzooji a
its is not normal . drink Arjun tea regularly , www.planetayurveda.com

thats to high mine was 14598 and put me on meds

DunSum Stoopid Tings
It is true that 120/80 is an ideal textbook blood pressure. You need to take into account your age, your weight, weather or not you smoke, have diabetes or have a history of hypertension in your family.
The number one cause of hypertension is Obesity. The top number is called systolic and indicates the pressure the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels during contraction of the heart. Your pressure is elevated in this phase indicating the blood vessels are either constricted or have lost their vascular tone. Obesity can cause the blood vessels to be compressed due to the extra weight. Carbon Monoxide causes blood vessels to constrict i.e.smoking. Caffiene & stimulants also cause an increase in blood pressure. Stress less. Stress causes an increase in BP. Your lower reading, the diastolic reading is fine. This represents the pressure in the blood vessels during the relaxation phase of the heart. Excercise is the best for high blood pressure. Follow a good diet. Go and see a doctor who may put you on anti-hypertensive treatment. BP is the silent killer so take it seriously. Good Luck!

the best is 120/80

from: http://sln.fi.edu/biosci/healthy/pressure.html

There is no "ideal" blood pressure reading. However, there is a range of "normal" blood pressure reading. Generally, a reading that is less than 120 over 80 indicates that you don't need to worry. If either or both numbers are equal to or greater than 120 over 80 for an extended period of time, you have high blood pressure, or hypertension.

judith r
both numbers. the top number is when the heart is pumping blood through the arteries, and the bottom number iw when the heart is at rest, between beats. You've done good to get it down that low, but the top number needs to get even lower.

Yes, it's a little too high. But easy enough to fix without drugs - all you need is a healthier lifestyle and diet. Try these on for size:


And see the good doctor before you start on the above programs.

Well, yeah... it's a little high, but it's not dangerously high. Well, it sort of is-- but if your blood pressure is bouncing around like that, it's possible that you're just nervous while they're doing the reading. Both numbers are important to watch.

Actually both, those numbers on top is dangerously high, anything over 140 is serious. I see you are bringing it down to a level considered safe. So keep up the good work, gota get it down to at least the level of 120 or lower for the top. Are you stressed? I guess you must be, too much on the mind and worries will do that. maybe you need to see a cardiologist. Mine was high for awhile and it went back down to normal. Seems I get nervous when I am in the office and the doc gets ready to take it, some of those nurses pump that thing around mu arm so darned toight that it will hurt and that raised it too! Make sure you are sitting down for awhile before they take your blood pressure or retake it before you leave the office. Good Luck to you.

You need to watch both numbers. The top (systolic) indicates the pressure your heart has to overcome during contraction in order to push blood out to your body. The bottom (diastolic) is the resting pressure within your heart and vasculature between contractions. High systolic pressures put you at immediate risk for stroke and heart attack. High diastolic pressures put you at risk for developing problems with other body organs ie: kidney function, brain, liver, etc.) If your on meds, continue to take them, never just stop them. Work with your physician to lower your pressure slowly if you've had hypertension for a while. Your body learns to accomodate high pressures, and sudden drops can be detrimental. I've had patients whose bp's were lowered quickly and suffered strokes because their brain needed that elevated pressure to supply blood. Your blood pressure needs to be modified with caution. A classic BP of 120/70 may not be the blood pressure that works for you, and remember even when you have controlled readings with proper medication dosing you are always considered a "hypertensive" patient. Work also with your doctor to modify other risk factors such as weight, diet, life style. Obesity can elevate blood pressure significantly. Life styles full of stress can elevate blood pressure significantly. Diets high in cholesterol and fat can narrow your arteries and elevate blood pressure significantly. Change the things you can, modify those you can't (genetics is one). Make sure you have regular checkups with your physician, rule out any other etiology for your hypertension, and check your BP at home on a regular basis. Be involved in your health care. Don't just rely on a pill to take care of everything. Best of luck.

no way

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