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Is Mitral Valve Prolapse deadly?.. how long can i live?..?
luckily i had to serve for my National services.. if not i didnt know that i had this "disease"... i had it since about 9 months ago.. i didnt consult any doctor after my check-up yet and i'm not on medications.. is there any cure to it?.. what will happen to me in 10 years time?..

the mitral valve is one of the valves controlling blood flow through your heart. Prolapse occurs when the valve becomes incompetent and can no longer function normally. Often this allows the blood to fall back thru the valve into the heart backing up the entire circulatory system, leading to high blood pressure, congestive respiratory disease, kidney failure to name a few resulting effects of progressive mitral valve prolapse. If caught early it can be treated effectively for quite some time with medications....but eventually it will require surgery to replace the valve. The longer you go without treatment, the more rapid the progression of the problem, in ten years you would likely have a heart attack and die. Strongly suggest you see a cardiologist and get started on medications.

Sassy OLD Broad
Mitral Valve Prolapse is usually present when you're born. The main way it is detected is by using a stethoscope and listening to the heart rate...it makes a "ticking" sound. With a minor condition, you can go your whole life without any problems. I'm 56 years old and have no problem with mine. My mother is 78, and has never had a problem with hers. A cardiologist will not treat it unless you are having symptoms such as shortness of breath, being lightheaded, or blood pooling in your extremities. If I were you, I'd go to the doc and ask him about your condition. Chances are he will ask you to come in yearly for a checkup and that will be it. Don't be worrying about something that isn't necessarily life-threatening. You check it out, and you just go about your life. If it needs treating, you'll know it in plenty of time to have it taken care of. I don't think stressing yourself out will help you one bit. It's rare for someone with mitral valve prolapse to have to have major surgery. Godloveya.

I discovered I had it in 1999. Was monitored for about 6 years by having an 3D echocardiogram of my heart 1-2 times a year and it grew gradually worse. IN Jan of last year my back flow rate was at 65% and my cardiologist ordered surgery. ON Valentines day last year they stopped my heart, opened it, repaired the floppy valve by sewing a ring into it, stitched me up and a week later sent me home. After 21 more days I was back at a fairly non physical office job; after 6 months I was prononunced cured, no murmur, no side effects, no medicines required, no additional cardiologist visits. Almost a year later, other than some soreness where they sawed open my breast bone, and some fatigue still lingering, it's been textbook. I'm 50'ish non smoker in good physical condition and otherwise great health

First, you need to see a cardiologist to have this evaluated and so you can get a clear understanding. Yhousands of people live a full life with mitral valve prolapse. A few need a valve replacement. I had rheumatic fever as a child, am now 65, nothing stops me. If you have dental work, you should take antibiotic pills as protection against infection...be sure your dentist knows. Each doctor you see needs to know, too. But it may actually affect your daily life very little. It just means that the flaps on the mitral valve in your heart are a little "floppy' and let a little blood backflow with each beat. See website listed below .I disagree.with the person who said you would probably have a heart attack in 10 years...just not borne out by the statistics..very few people have serious problems from it. Do see the doctor, but don't be doom and gloom about this. Just a little bump in the road.

If you haven't already had an Echocardiogram then you need to have one! I see too often people sent to my clinic with a Mitral Valve diagnosis by symptoms alone! I don't see Mitral valve prolapse very often and if I do it is just a slight prolapse.

If you do have MVP then you will need to be put on antibiotics before any dental work. They will just keep an eye on it. Relax, I'm sure you will be fine for many many years.

Thank you for

I was just reading yesterday that the mitral valve lets the blood with the new oxygen in it into the left side of the heart before it goes out the top part (aorta) and
to the rest of the body and also a bit goes to the muscles of the heart to make it work too.

The disease is not particularly deadly, but it's effects can possibly kill you. I ask you, please go see a doctor. There are treatments that can help you. I also have mitral valve prolapse. Go see a doctor.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3% of the entire U.S. population has mitral valve prolapse. It is a "non disease" in that it is asymptomatic for the vast majority of people and it generally requires no specific treatment or change in lifestyle. You should have an echocardiogram (ultrasound) every few years to keep an eye on it. MVP can develop into having the mitral valve not closing correctly, causing leaking. Trivial leaking is not a concern. If it is severe, however, it is an issue that needs addressed. The degree of leaking will dictate how closely the condition will need to be watched.

One of the issues with a leaking valve is to use antibiotics with dental procedures and certain other medical procedures...your doctor will advise you about this matter. There is no cure per se but if you are asymptomatic, require no treatment, and likely will remain that way, why worry about it?

Is there anything you should do? Keep your blood pressure well controlled; if you think you might have sleep apnea, get evaluated for it, and treat it, if warranted; finally, remain physically active - you are limited only by your own degree of fitness. Other than that, there are no medications or therapies required. Good luck.

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