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it may be spelled perforated- but I'm not sure.
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 Heart byepass surgery. Is it a money making mechine for hospitals?
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Anybody having ...

 Has anyone ever gotten a high heart rate from wellbuterin or mirtazipine?
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I'm a 17 year old boy.

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 Anyone have side affects from taking the heart medication Nicoradil?

 My heart hurts when I breathe?
Well I think its my heart it could possibly be my lungs. It hurts when I breathe or lay down or when I do the tiniest physical things. I'm only 15. Oh and I have asthma too.
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 My grandmother is ill. Please help!! Doctors and Nurses very appreciated!!!!!?
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 Is there a relationship bet. hypertension or hypertension drugs and impotence?

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 I have a medical problem. My heart keeps doing like an extra?
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 Can wooden slivers really travel to your heart if you don't get them out of you?

 High Systolic pressure, normal diastolic pressure + tachycardia + looking very pale?

I was at my doctors a few weeks back, and just got a copy of my notes yesterday.

Normal blood pressure (Was taken in the ER, so no white-coat hypertension was 120/80, ...

 What do you do if you find out your grandson has high cholesterol at age 10

 How many valves should a heart have.?
I have been told by a heart consultant that my 5 year old daughter has only 2 valves in her heart. The doctor says its not a problem as its common, Is this going to be a problem for her as she gets ...

Is 136/80 too high for blood pressure?
I'm 24 y.o., 5'0", and 126 lbs. Should I be concerned with my blood pressure?

And if so, what action should I take to lower it?

your top number is a little high. the bottom number is perfect actually.
Normal < 120 and < 80
Prehypertension 120-139 or 80-89
High Blood Pressure
Stage 1 Hypertension 140–159 or 90–99
Stage 2 Hypertension 160 or 100
so your systolic is 136 which is prehypertension. you shoudl talk to your doctor to see what he thinks.

lol-straight from my book it should be around 120/80

120 is when ur heart is contracting, while 80 is whe your heart is relaxing :D

take your blood pressure for 2 weeks and write down the results. schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.

sue dean
i'm not a doctor but i have high blood pressure and everyone has a different normal. 140/90 is considered high/normal. cut down on your salt and watch your fatty foods and get some exercise.

One elevated blood pressure is nothing to be alarmed over. Check you BP at the same time every day for a week. If it is consistently high then you will need to make some changes. Reduce your salt intake, reduce stress, exercise, dont smoke- if you do these you can lower it naturally. If it remains elevated call your DR

Mark M
As I told someone who asked a similar question a few days ago, I think it's great that you are checking your BP and concerned about controlling it, if necessary.

As others have said, BP constantly varies, so one high reading is not something to worry *too much* over. That said, I would suggest you ask your pharmacist to recommend an automated digital blood pressure cuff, so that you can take your BP when you are relaxed at home. (Get the kind of cuff that goes above the elbow, not the wrist.) They only cost about $50 and are well worth it, IMO. Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and relax a few minutes before taking the reading. Morning is often best.

One of the easiest dietary factors to control is your sodium intake. You may find that if you simply watch your sodium by reading food labels and not adding salt to foods you will be able to reduce your BP. Eating fruits high in potassium may also reduce your BP (oranges, bananas, etc.)

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