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Is 102 over 66 too low for blood pressure?

laurel g
My blood pressure is about that, normally.........but, mine is a little lower.

No, it is quite normal. As long as your BP do not go down beyond 80 over 50 or below, i think it should be quite safe :)

Should be Working!
No. Mine is considered borderline too low and it is usually 90 over 60.

if that is your normal blood pressure, then that is normal and not too low. but for someone who has a high blood pressure that may be too low for that person.

Angie C
This blood pressure is absolutely normal.

Nicky T
No, it's considered healthy. Mine is about 85/50 - 95/60 and considered borderline low. As long as you don't feel light-headed all the time it isn't a problem. At least you shouldn't have any strokes or heart attacks.

no, alot of people's BPs run low. Athletes in particular will run a lower BP and pulse because their hearts are more effective. the heart is a muscle that gets stronger with exercise

If you take your blood pressure over a period of time you will get a better feel for it. It can change within 20 minutes, so you need to do it over time. I have been that low as well.

If your feel fine, probably not.

NO it's fine, did someone say it was? Just curious as to why someone would thinkit's too low.

Frankie F
115/76 is considered "ideal"

So although yours is lower than ideal, it still doesn't seem "too low".

I mean, how do you feel?

hocus pocus catepillar
I don't believe its too low. Mine is normally 110 over 70. One time it was 90 over 60 when I went to give blood and they made me jump up and down for a moment to raise it. Maybe your just naturally a calm too.

chicago cub's bat bunny
it is fine

Nope. Not if you are asymptomatic. Anything below 90/60 is considered low enough to be abnormal.

A normal range of blood pressure is 90 to 140 over 60 to 90. Yours is fine.

Not if you're human.

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