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Angela H
If your friend whith type O+ blood needs a blood transfusion, can your type A+ blood be given safely to him?

Chunky Monkey
no... its not the same blood type..

Someone S
Im not sure about that, its usually the other way around. I heard that type O blood is okay for everyone. This is something you shoukd ask a doctor to be sure.

no but he could give you a transfusion . O+ is a universal donor for + Rh factor .

If he has blooodtype 0, he can give to everyone, but unfortunately he can't recieve anything other than 0 himself.

Mike G

College Girl
No--O type is the universal donor, because it has no antigens (what causes the difference between a and b), but it does have antibodies against both types A and B. The antibodies would attack your blood and cause massive clotting in his veins. He could only receive blood from someone else who is type O+. Still, most blood banks and hospitals will allow you to give blood in his name, to help free up some of the O blood supply instead of giving it to someone else with A+ blood.

Nope, his blood would produce antigens against yours which wouldn't be safe.

Tara C
No, the blood will clump together. They can only receive O+ or O-


Type O means that you don't have the A antigen or the B antigen. If someone with type O blood gets blood with A or B antigens they can get really sick or even die.

There is some evidence that the A and B blood types developed in specific geographical areas and were spread by migration. The theory is that these antigens affect how well you tolerate certain foods. It's not a widely accepted theory, but it's harmless and worth thinking about.

The + refers to something called the rhesus factor after a kind of monkey. If you don't have the rh factor, getting blood from a + can get you sick or even kill you.

bronte heights
no. he would have an immune response to the "A" antigen in your blood. He can only receive O- or O+ blood.

You can only donate to A+ or AB+ blood types

The Un-Cola
No. Your friend can receive only O positive or negative.

edit O neg is the universal donor.

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