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They used the manual blood pressure thing where you have to squeeze a pump to do it. EDUCATED answers only please....

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 My dad just recently suffered from heart attack. Just wondering which fruits are good for the heart?

 Diagnosis of case?
A 85 year old female complaining of dizziness. Has a history of heart problems and suffered a moderate stroke(blood vessel in brain rupture) 6 year ago.
Vital sign: 105 for pulse rate/per min, 9...

 Any way back?
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 High Blood Pressure - my nan is a stroke waiting to happen, does anyone have natural remedies or suggestions!!
The Dr's have been trying to get her medication right, but they can't seem to. I was wondering if anyone could please suggest any natural remedies or found partculars things worked for them....

 Yes im paranoid and curious?
what is a regular heart rate resting....im 28 and its 59 bpm
my bp is 140 over 90 and thats while im on diovan....should i be concerned?...

If someone has difficulty breathing while lying on left side can this indicate heart problems?

Difficulty breathing suggests difficulty breathing. It is more indicative of a pulmonary problem. My professional advice to you is to pursue this with your primary health care provider. Tell your doctor you're experiencing positional dyspnea (DISP-nee-uh), for how long, if there's pain when you breathe in or out and what makes it better/worse.

Yes, but it could also be sleep apnea. Request a test.

Not necessarily.

It might. Then again it might be something else. There's a lot of important stuff in the chest cavity. The body tries to get your attention about something by making you feel either a pain , or some other sensation that you know isn't supposed to be there. It could be a little thing, or it could be a very big thing that shouldn't wait to get fixed
The best thing to do is go see your doctor, explain what you are feeling, and let the doctor order up a couple of simple, painless tests. Nobody on Q & A can possibly give you a diagnosis, and the last thing you ever want to hear come out of a doctor's mouth one day is "If you had only seen a doctor about this sooner, we might have been able to fix it a lot quicker and easier"

no well you just cant jump on heart problems ....the proper way is that you can do a ECG to exclude heart problems .

this conditions can be caused by lung compression...which may be secondary to chest infection.

well i pray for you ..may god help you always .
you will be fine

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