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If my dad has heart disease what are my chances of having heart disease?
im a 20yr old female

don corleone
Slim. I dont think that is hereditary or genetic, have faith


Excellent chance.

Your chances are increased by your father having heart disease. You should look after your diet and lifestyle and reduce the risk factors you can do something about (don't smoke, do regular exercise). The good news is that women are less likely to have heart disease until after their menopause (than men).

Strong chance. Rule 1 Don't smoke Rule 2 Refer Rule 1. Never over-indulge in alcohol. Females should only have 1 standard drink a day. Restrict dietary fats, especially trans and saturated Fats. Keep your weight within normal range, do half an hour of exercise as often as you can (at least 5 days out of 7). Have your cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked by a doctor every year. Risk factors for heart disease include *Inherited from Family* *Smoking* *Overweight or Obesity* *Lifestyle* *Elevated Blood Pressure* *Elevated Blood Cholesterol*

Well it depends on your genetics If your mom has no history of heart disease and you father does then you can make a chart with the name of the trait you are trying to find. Say the code for the heart disease is aa and a healthy gene is AA and a carrier cell is Aa we know your dad has the sick cell so he is aa and you mom does not have the illness but she could be either healthy or a carrier of the cell if that makes sense. I dont know if you have any siblings but lets say you have 3 now lets say that your mom is a healthy gene that means that the code for the 4 kids would be Aa Aa Aa Aa now that means that all the kids would be healthy but they would have the potencial to have a kid that has the diseas. However if your mom is a carrier of the bad cell then the odds now are Aa Aa aa aa so that means that there are 1/2 chances of your parents having a child with the diseas.

I hope this makes sense and that it helps it is simple genetics

Your risks increase when you have a genetic history. However, you can mitigate that risk with good health practices, reduced stress, exercise, healthy diet and regular assessment of your blood chemistry and above all DON'T SMOKE. Also, try to live a "Type B" lifestyle. Worry less, reduce stress as much as possible, and don't be a morning person when you don't have to. I know it sounds odd, but I've asked every pt I've tested to see how many are early birds, and about 85% of my cardiac patients are. So Seize the day, but do it at 10am, not 6am.

If you're careful with your health you can significantly reduce your risk.

I think there's a little chance you can have a heart disease but if you don't want one you should go exercising outside like doing walking and that kind of stuff that can make your body move a bit

Stay off the trans fat foods stay in shape don't smoke. watch your weight. take a omega-3 fish oil a day. and get checked for high cholesterol once a year.
and you should be safe.

it depends on your family history. if your family has a history of heart diseases then you are at a high risk of getting one. if your family does not have a history of heart diseases you are in good shape.

I'm not a doctor, but my dad's family has a history of heart disease also and several male members of my family have died from it. Both of my dad's brothers have died and my dad has had four heart attacks and two open-heart surgeries. Also my brother died of a heart attack at age 25!

Heart disease is part genetics, and part life style. Genetics says that if one parents has heart disease there is at least a 25% chance their offspring has it. If both your parents have heart disease then the chance goes to 50%. But like anything in nature everyone can be thrown a curve ball and have it without your parents having it. Diet, exercise, and no smoking can decrease your risk for heart disease as well.

Really depends on the type of heart disease. Probably makes you a little more likely to have problems if you are talking a heart attack late in life... Now, as a 20 yo, and your dad is young, and had severe problems, needed surgery etc. you may want to look at more aspects of your health. There are definitely some heritable dissorders that can include heart problems and they can have major affects young. Talk to your doctor and see a cardio if you're really concerned.

it can be inheritable .but also can be avoided true good food no Alcohol and non smoking,and good exercise and 1Bayer #81 a day keeps Hardtack's away

Usually, if a close family member has it, you're likely to have it too. I am not sure if it's hereditary, but from my logical point of view, maybe it seems hereditary because the whole family member could be practicing the same lifestyle. So if you eat healthily and exercise regularly, don't smoke and don't drink too much alcohol, I think you will be able to reduce your chances of having heart disease.

Pipe Junkie
many things can attribute to heart disease. Heredity, lifestyle, diet and smoking to name a few. Whether you will suffer from heart disease depends upon any one or more of the factors mentioned. Eating right, exercising and not smoking will decrease your chances greatly.

it can pass on to you or to your brothers or sisters. chances are 60%

The chances may be pretty good. I'd be careful of diet.

Just get regular check-ups.

Genetics is one risk factor for heart disease. There are a number of other risk factors. Check out this web site for more information:

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