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Alicia SA
I just diagnosed myself with low blood pressure. How do u bring it back up?
typically my BP is 116 to 120/80. today my roommate took me to wal mart and i checked my bp due to the symptoms i was having. the results were 129/63 119/66 120/66. I drank OJ and a couple of asprins and feel abit better. I still get a little dizzy on sudden movements but especially when i close my eyes sitting or lying down. I'm finally keeping down some food.

Diana H
I agree with Ann M.. OJ is to bring your sugar up not your BP. I have always been told that drinking more water can raise it somewhat. It really isn't so low that you should be concerned. If you took a pain pill or something like that it would drop your blood pressure.

are you a physician -this is the profession that makes medical diagnosis. your bp is fine. see your doctor.

Normal BP for an adult: systolic (the first number) is 100-140, diastolic 50-90. Your BP is fine. Now, if your bp was 90/40, then you would have a low bp, which can be fixed either through drinking more water (you might be dehydrated) or maybe more sodium in your diet. I don't know what to tell you since I don't know your complete medical history, but I see people all the time that have chronically low blood pressure and they are doing fine. Now with the dizziness, you might have a condition called orthostatic hypotension, in which you would have to see a doctor for. The best way to find this out is to take your blood pressure and pulse in three different positions: lying down, sitting up, and standing up. If there is a significant drop in bp from lying down to standing, you might have this.

Try to drink plenty of fluids. The more volume, the higher your blood pressure is going to be. Dizziness is a sign of dehydration, does your lips or skin feel dry? The average BP is now 130/90. All those readings you had were perfect.

Anne M
Go to your family doctor. Drinking OJ is for low blood sugar not for low B/P.
Sometimes medicine can make it lower. Are you a drug user? Not meaning to be rude by asking that question.That can lower it and also it can raise the B/P

Your symptoms are not from low blood pressure-- the pressures listed above are normal. The orange juice helping you means you most likely have HYPOGLYCEMIA which is low blood sugar........see a doctor ASAP

you cant diagnose yourself unless you are a doc. my advice would be to go see your doctor just in case its something else and if it is low blood pressure your doc will tell you what to do. good luck

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