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peter m
I have had to claim for dla(disability living allowance)any advice on how to fill in the form?
i have recntley undergone a heart op for blocked arteries the doctor told me that i have a heart disease which i shall have for the rest of my life . there is a possiblity that i will have to have furter ops including a heart bypass.can i claim a disabilty and mobility allowance if so any help on filling in my forms.

Best advice I can give you is phone your local Job Centre, explain your situation and they will send you a pack for claiming DLA and may even send you a pack for Incapacity Benefit, although I'm not too sure if they have them there or may give you a number to contact them directly. You could also qualify for Mobility Allowance (Apply for a Blue Badge if you drive). The forms are pretty straight forward but If you do have any problems filling them in just give the Job Centre a call and they should help you. They are usually quite helpful. Good luck, you deserve these benefits, make sure you get them!

If there is likely to be a permanent impairment or disability, you should be entitled to income support, DLA, and (possibly) incapacity benefit. You may also be entitled to carers' allowance if you need someone to help or assist you with day-to-tasks. If you attend the job centre, you will be able to get advice on your full benefit entitlement, and someone there should be able to help you fill in the forms.

Otherwise you should be able to get advice from charities in your area, try getting advice from CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), and they should be able to direct you to other agencies who can help.

For more ongoing help, contact your local authority and ask for assistance under the Supporting People' framework - you should be entitled to 'Floating Support', which will give ongoing support to you, and may entitle you to have someone come to your home to help out with filling forms and making sure you get all your entitlements. The 'Supporting People' service is free.

jackie m
while you are still breathing its very hard to get DLA - when filling in the form make it sound a million times worse than it is, eg: how long to put on your socks, rather say it takes 5 minutes say you cant you need help, how far can you walk, if its 100 yards you say you can walk 20 yards but need to stop several times for breath etc. Good luck

best advise is to take it to ur local job center and they will fill it out with u....

its teir job mak em work for their money

dels replies
Can't properly remember nowbut I filled claims for disability living allowance for my wife some years ago.I found the forms fairly straightforward. All you have to do is answer the questions truthfully. I am sure there where a lot of explanations with the forms I had.I think I had to get confirmation from her doctor of the medical questions asked.Basically the forms are to find out what help or assistance you need to live a reasonably normal life.They range from can you dress yourself,can you feed yourswelf,can you wash.can you get in and out of bed and so on.This is to establish the needs you have to qualify for the care part of the allowance. Mention anything that you do need help with even something quite small. The other part of the form deals with mobility. How far can you walk without discomfort,do you need any form of assistance when walking,do you need a stick or crutches or a wheel chair.Are you frightened to go out on your own. can you use public transport,in fact anything to do with your mobility.The forms ,when submitted are examined by an adjudicator who will advise you of the category you have been allocated for care and the category for mobility.You will also be advised if either of these categories you do not qualify. From these gradings an allowance will be calculated. there are 3 grades of care allowance and 2 grades of mobility allowance.You have the right to appeal if you feel the adjudicator is wrong. Normally the allowance does not start to be paid for 3 months unless the illness or disease is considered terminal.Payments once they start will be by direct credit to a bank account once every 4 weeks. For the first year you might get requests from the health people for further forms to be filled in as they review newer cases frequently. It is a nuisance ,what they are doing is establishing whether the condition is improving,deteriorating or the same. If the conditions worsen the allowance could well be revised to give a higher grade and with a larger allowance. The forms are a pain but at the end of the day if you don't apply you won't get anything.

If you want to complete the form yourself just be honest and state what you cannot do unaided, how far you can walk before feeling breathless etc. Honesty is the best policy.

My advice? Make notes on your worst days ( how you feel, what you can do etc etc ) When you fill in the forms, those are the details you give. Download the form from the DWP site.
Better still find your local welfare advisor at the local council.Help the aged, or DIAL also have people that do this for a living. Get their help. The forms are complicated and repetitive. Never say "some days/times I can.... ", because you will be refused the benefit.
Keep copies of everything you fill in, so you know what you said.
Tell your GP you are/have applied. You should get their backing by the sound of it. Write your hosp docs in the place on the form.
Good luck

**Autism's Beautiful Face**
Hi I'm sorry you are going through a tough time, i have to fill these in for my twin son (he has autism ) they take ages to fill in and its really best if you can do them yourself only you know how you are affected, and what your problems are, you can call the (bel) benefit enquiry line if you do get stuck and they will advise you how to do the bits you have trouble with, failing this your GP can help too

go to see your doctor, any surgery has a disability advaiser once a week who he will fill yours form and give you a lot of informations.

Pat R
Make an appointment with the citizens advice bureau to help you fill them in,it seems to be standard practice to reject all claims for DLA until you appeal, but if CAB have helped you they more often than not go through first time.

They have people who are specialists at filling these forms in,mere mortals like us probably cant help you as they make the forms so hard you give up and dont claim.

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