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 Any info appreciated?
been in hospital twice regarding s.v.t due to see consultant on thurday for test results and for him to tell me if i need an operation i know what s.v.t is but im a little worried ...anybody else ...

 Interactive web site out there for stroke? I think I may have had one yesterday afternoon.?
I'm 52, healthy. Much history of this on my Mom's side of the family. She went to heaven June 1997 from complications of heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.
My little "episode&...

 Can you have a stroke and know even know it? What are some symptoms of having a stroke?

 My chest pains?
I am not sure what to do about my pains?
I am 23 years old and for over a year now I have been experiencing chest pains that more or less bring me to the floor...last April I had a stroke due to ...

 Tamil nadu : Please suggest some good soups for my dad who is an heart patient.?
please suggest me some good soups for my dad, who is an heart patient. Also please let me how to prepare them

Thanks in advance....

 What is the laymens term for a cardiovascular accident?

 What is that pain i feel like a strain in my heart?
sometimes i can feel it right from walking,at times from nowhere please advice me....

 My chest feels tight and sometimes it's hard to breath? What coud it be?
I have no insurance and don't know what to do?...

 My Husband has just been told he needs a heart transplant but he needs to stop drinking and he hasn't.?
I don't know what to say to him about him dying. He also will be losing his licence because you can't drive with a bad heart. They say he will not get a transplant if he keeps drinking. He ...

 Is 86 heart beat good?! Like when the nurse took my pulse and it was 86! Is that good?
Is 86 good? If isn't can you help me to get it better or just right? Cuz im worried that i'm eating too much sugars.....

 List two important electrolytes for normal cardiac cellular function?

 My grandaughter said she has had shock feelings in her chest after eating a lot of sweets, she wants me to as?
My grandaughter said that twice now she had shock feelings in her chest after eating a lot of sweets. She asked me to see if anyone on here would know what it is.I think she's afraid that it is ...

 25 year old male with 140/80 Blood Pressure? Is that common?

 Hi, i´m looking for people who had a family member suffer from a stroke?
hi, i want to know, well my dad had a heart attack and i´m all the way in mexico city. his heart attack was about 1 week ago and im starting to like life down ...

 Why does my heart race when i drink alcohol?
it only really happens when i drink beer or cider, and starts after about 10 minutes when i start to drink....

 Need to know!!!?
My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed a week and a half ago. Six hours after we brought her home, she had two syncoplo episode with ten minutes of each other and vomited all over. I took her Blood ...

 2 doctors have checked my blood pressure and said it was 120 over 80...?
meanwhile, my electric omron home blood pressure checker constantly borders around 140 over 75. also at clinics, on their electric blood pressure checkers, it reads the same.

What is going ...

 Systolic or Diatolic which one does the doctors take more serious?

 High Blood Pressure?
I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on pressure pill. My question is I was told to maintain a low sodium diet but I have no idea what is an ideal daily low sodium diet. Also, ...

 Home (Natural) Remedy for lower blood pressure...?
Hello All!

I am 32 years and I have hypertension. last year I weaned myself off of the prescription Lisonopril. I was recommended to take 20 mg of this medication however I had a severe ...

I have been having pressure in my ears when i get up and throbs like a heart beat it goes away with no pain.?
It doesnt happen every day but it has happened often and i was wondering if i could be a sign of high blood pressure though i have been told there realy are no signs for high blood pressure. Any help would be appreciated.

if it's just in your eares and there's no beating in your chest/shortness of breath, etc. it sounds like you could be feeling a little sinus pressure (it's worse when you wake up?) I have constant sinus infections and it always messes with my ears....

Oddly enough, it can also be low blood pressure. Upon standing, you get that "whoo, whoo" sensation in your ears which goes away if you bend over and get your head lower than your heart.

I have vertigo and have pressure problems in my inner ear so it could be vestibular disorder growing dear.

It could be a sign of high blood pressure yes.it can also be a head cold or sinus.None of these will hurt you except the blood pressure,so if you don,t have a cold,and no sinus ,then try to check your blood pressure with a nearby doc or clinic.High blood pressure runs in families,and it is nothing to play with.Go get checked.

Your carotid arteries pass close by your ears internally, and when you stand up, it is not unusual to hear a 'roaring' kind of pulsing noise as your blood pressure and heart rate change from standing.
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a silent killer, and is usually without symptoms until a stroke hits. If you think you may have high blood pressure, it would be a good idea to go to your doctor and get a physical done (and have your ears checked). While you are there, get your cholesterol, blood sugar levels and weight checked too.

no. that is caused by this...
the AIR pressure in side of your ear stays the same ,while the air pressure out side of your ears goes up or down.

It could be, go get it checked.

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