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Plz help if anyone knows what i have.

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I can't feel my pulse?
I check my pulse every once in a while and sometimes I won't feel it for 10 minutes straight. Why does my heart stop for this long? I don't have health insurance so I don't know what I'm going to do about this. The money just isn't there. I just had my transmission rebuilt on my car and gas prices are killing me. Are there any over the counter pills I can take for this problem? I have a feeling that if I don't do something about it, that it is going to kill me.

There are no over-the-counter heart medications.

Have you been bitten by a vampire lately?

I think you're stressed.. Just relax a bit, you're fine..or maybe you're dead [just kidding.. sorry.hah]

Ehh trust me your heart wont have decided to have a break for 10minutes then decide its time to get back to work.
Your paranoid man...
Go get some first aid classes or do some research and learn how to find a pulse.

Thanks for the laughs though!!

you're an idiot

Lacey G's Stalker :))
LOL Sean.....

Oh boy 10 minutes.... sweetie if your heart stopped for that long you would be dead...

Trust me, your heart DID NOT STOP....

1) Where are you trying to take your pulse?? The radial pulse in your wrist may be difficult for some untrained people to find... it can also be what we medical people call thready... which means its on the weaker side... The carotid pulse is the one in your neck and usually very easy to feel since it is what we medical people call "bounding" and that means its very strong and pulse is easy to find... if you have a thready radial pulse then you should try drinking more water... perhaps you are dehydrated.

2) Why are you so paranoid about your pulse? Did your doctor tell you to take your pulse? If not then you do not need to do this... Usually only people on heart pills or blood pressure pills need to check their pulse.

3) NOOOOOO there is no OTC pill for your pulse.

4) It's not going to kill you.... so relax!

5) Compare the radial pulse in your right wrist to your left wrist... if they seem equal then great... if one seems much weaker than the other... call it to your MD's attention... perhaps you are having some circulation issues.

As you said, you can't feel it; that's all. You heart is surely beating regularly and inability to feel your pulse can be due to many reasons, having a cardiac arrest is not one of them. Can you please tell if you have any symptoms associated with inability of feeling your pulse like dizziness or blacking out? Are you thin or obese? Due you feel (without a finger on pulse) that your heart beats are not regular.
The first time this happens to you, please put your index finger in front of your ear and apply gentle pressure. If you couldn't feel it, then put index, middle and ring fingers of your right hand in the right left side groove between your trachea (windpipe) and the muscle adjacent to it (sternomastoid muscle) and press also gently for 15 seconds. Sure you will feel your pulse by this method.

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