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 What does the cardiologist mean?
In my recent cardiology write-up the cardiologist wrote the following:

Past Medical History: Is significant for:
1. Supraventricular tachycardia
2. Palpitations
3. O...

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My heart beat is irregular and racing, whats happening and what should I do? It's been happening for about an two hours already.
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 Im worried i have heart disease?
Whenever i breathe in it cracks. is that heart disease???i think i may have anxiety also
Additional Details
My blood pressure and stuff is always fine.. it could be asthma ...

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 When you have a cardiac catherization done are you put to sleep for the procedure?

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 A cardiogenic Question? Heath professional please?
Which of the following conditions is not a potential cause of cardiogenic shock?
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B. Spinal cord injury
C. Tamponade
D. Cardiac ...

 Female, 24 years old, Chest pains; Heart pain; achy/numb left arm/shoulder?
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 I am 30 year old female is 95 heart bets per minute normal.?
that is at rest just sittin around watching tv....

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 I think I might have high blood pressure .It came on me all of a sudden. What can cause that?

 About how long does an metal valve last in your heart, until it needs to be replaced again?

 Sudden fast heartbeat?
Hi, I'm a housewife, today while i was doing my work on my computer, i felt a sudden fast heartbeat, this is not the first time. I had experience this quite many times, everytimes it happened it ...

I am a 36 year old male. My total Cholesterol is 282. My HDL is 38 and LDL is 166. Is this bad? ?

Tom J
A total of less than 150 is now recommended - it used to be 200. Within that, your LDL shouldn't be more than 3 times your HDL. Try going to a fat free diet or a very low fat diet. Stay away from all foods that list hydrogenated fats or oils in their ingredients. Eat 1 serving of oatmeal a day. Lose weight if you are more than 15 or 20 lbs overweight. Do some light weight lifting [it burns triglycerides which is another factor in your overall cholesterol count]. Take a 20 min walk which releases many good hormones into your system. Gradually work up to brisk walks because strolling doesn't really help at all. Take medications if needed, Thirty-six is too young to have that problem. Don't wait until yyou have serious problems and then the cures are really radical. Good luck.

Duane L
Your LDL is the bad and the HDL is good, you should try to get the LDL down a bit and the HDL up.

High cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and saturated fat is not the cause of high cholesterol. You are not a walking time bomb but you should look for what is causing the damage that cholesterol is trying to fix. Smoking, trans fats, lack of exercise, and too much INSULIN can cause your problems. Avoiding saturated fat will only lower your HDL. Never artificially lower your cholesterol numbers.
Pharmacist who's life was almost ruined by Lipitor

The ideal range for HDL is 40-60 and for LDL is under 100. So your HDL is too low and your LDL is too high.

suzie w
you got to be kidding? didn't your doctor tell you that you're a walking time bomb? change your diet right away to skinless chicken and fish and 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. and start exercising if you want to see 40

I agree with the guy above. That is VERY Poor! You need a drastic diet change, no red meat, no fried foods and the only way to get your good cholesterol up (HDL) is through exercise. Your HDL should be at least 60 and your LDL should be below 100. You will have some serious health issues very soon if you don't change things!

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