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 How do i get a heart surgery with no insureance or with not much money?

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the government refuses to help and there only 1 hospital that we coan find to do it. it is 50000-60000...

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Richard K
How many heart bypasses can a person have?

Derek C
1 person can have about 69 heart bypasses

As many as they need.

gorgeous gm
The most that I have heard from people who have had CABG is 2. I don't know if that is the limit or after undergoing 2 bypass surgery, they don't feel like undergoing a 3rd one.

Teddy's Mom
Do you mean the surgeries? My neighbor had 4 separate surgeries and they considered her a medical miracle.

If you mean how many arteries at a time I think 6 my dad had 6 and his surgeon said that was the max at 1 time.

Abel O
Depend how much your insurance carrier will allow. Most if not all medical insurance plans have maximum cost ceiling.

HoW cOuLd YoU??
it really depends on how bad the case is!
i"ve heard the normal [for a not to bad case] is about 3-4!
and i hope you feel better[if th case is about your problem = ]]

well my grandads had two, but then he ot mrsa
but hes also got diabeties and cancer of the kidneys

my dad's had 5...so idk

Laurence W
It depends on the number of blocked sections and their length, along with amount of collaterals. With extensive collaterals, fewer bypasses are required.

The purpose is too restore blood flow throughout the heart, otherwise, some sections of heart muscle will die. Doing 12 or more when required is dedication to a patients future well-being.

I have three bypasses. My collaterals take care of the rest. One of my blockages was about 3 inches long, the bypass about 6 inches long to the lower end of that artery.

My husband had a bypass (5 arteries) in Dec last year and is doing not too badly, but cardiologist has told him that this was a once in a lifetime op. The arteries are fine but he has a lot of damage to his heart. So I suppose the answer to your question is it depends on the condition of your heart how many ops you can have.

I am a cardiology nurse. I have seen patients get as few as 1 and as many as >12. Actually the patients that have had that many, the nurses stopped counting how many the doctor did. Now this doctor was pretty extreme. His patient's always did really well, so who is to argue with a mad scientist. A normal amount would be 4-6. Most surgeons will say that 6 is the max.

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