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 How exactly do you know when you have a heart attack?
Does your body go numb and you can't feel a thing and does your heart stop pumping? Or is there more to it than that?...

 Does a heart attack actually have pain?
Im scared to have one cause i eat alot of burgers....

 How do I know what type of arrhythmia I have?
I feel different sensations in my chest. I describe them as if my heart is pumping, but then stops and then beats again. Sometimes I feel something strange as if my heart were a wet dog that shakes ...

 What's the normal blood pressure?
normal blood pressure, what is ...

 Victimisation at work?
Good afternoon to one and all,
nearly 12 months ago i had a heart attack,i've done all the things the doctors have told me to do.I recently got a verbal warning to absents,witch in a way i ...

 If i have "minor" chest pain is this still something i need to call the 911 about?
for a couple of days now i've had "minor" pain in my chest that seems to come and go periodically, this certainly is not unbearable pain that's keeping me from doing my day to day ...

 What is the nursing consideration in administering the furosemide a cardiovascular drug?

 Can anyone make me smile? I feel so sad.....=(?
My father had a Heart Attack a few months ago.
And he was rushed in the ER, yesterday.
He had 2 new blockages, and he isn't doing really good.
They did a Catheterization, and put ...

 My heart has been stopping alot at night..lastnight it happend like 15 times. i?
it stops and then i feel this jolt and it restarts in my chest and it isnt really painful..its more of a shock feeling of it stopping and then restarting and jolting...what the heck is this? its been ...

 Does warfarin make your heart beat faster?
I know warfarin thins your blood to reduce blood clots, but does it make a weak heart pump faster? As my mother was given warfarin last week yesterday as she has a slow/weak heart low blood pressure ...

 Is 86 blood pressure bad?
I have a 86 blood pressure is that bad?; if is how do i make it normal or better?...

 A 50-yr-old woman reports in her medical history that her mother has hypothyroidism,?
,so the woman is concerned about having the condition as well. Which of the following symptoms would suggest that she does indeed have hypothyroidism?

A. she often feels hot even when the ...

 Is this a "HEART ATTACK?
Ok - quote from husband below. This is aboutt his brother. His mother had the same thing and said it WAS a "heart attack" --- so, if brother-in-law goes in with chest pains, is this a &...

 Did i have a heart attack?
I started feeling pain around my heart. It would hurt to breathe. The pain went down my left arm. I rested for 20 minutes and it got less painful but as soon as I stood up the pain would return. The ...

 My husband had open heart surgery 14 days ago he can feel his shoulder or breat bones popping, is this normal?

 I take Digoxin (Lanoxin) to control a sometimes irregular heart beat.0.25 mg per tab. 1 or 2 daily.?
Problem- Sometimes feel bad even with medication.Am I taking too few tabs or is dose too much & is toxic giving opposite to desired effect....

 The name of a hormone that begins with the letter 'A' please. Supposedly narrows the?
blood vessels and which in some instancies can cause high blood pressure. Read an article about this last week but cannot find it. My doctor keeps telling me that he cannot find the cause for my very ...

 Opinions needed here please. 52 yr.old male friend, had all symptoms of heart attack.?
Went to ER and was admitted. After 4 days of test ordered by his regular MD they only found that he had an infection and took antibiotic. His heart rate is still alittle eratic. He thinks he has ...

 How long can heartburn last?
When I was pregnant earlier this year I had to go to the emergency room for chest pain...they diagnosed it as heartburn. Then about a month ago I had to go in again, and they diagnosed it as acid ...

 What causes a heart attack?
How can you tell if a person is having one?...

How many beats does the heart pump per min?
how many beats does the heart pump per min?

For the past few months my heart starts to beat fast..iam scare. I went to the doctor and he told me i was ok! Then why does it do that? Iam hispanic 5'5 170lbs anyone know? Parts of my face get numb...sometimes i goes and it comes. Help

The normal heart rate 72 - 80 beats per minute. if your doctor tells you not to worry, don't it only makes it worse.

you might have high blood pressure, or hypertension. depending on your stress level, you might be at risk for heart disease in the future. i suggest getting your blood pressure checked.

78-80 times depending on your blood pressure.You may need to ask them about anxiety attacks---they make you think your having a heart attack.If the Dr. said you were OK then you must not have any other symptons to make him worry.......

Average is 60-80 times per minute, but medications like Beta blockers considerably slow down peoples rate. Is anxiety an issue? People can have anxiety, their heart races, they can get chest pain, they can have numbness around the lips, hands and feet. But, if you have continued problems, go back to your doctor, he may want to do a halter monitor on you to try to catch the heart beats that are causing you distress. If you have trouble that bothers you, you can go to an ER and they can hook you up fairly quickly (depending on what's going on in the ER) to an EKG machine to rule trouble out. If you continue having trouble, no matter what the cause, seek help to resolve your issues.

Information Police
Do you know how to take your pulse?

Put your index finger on the underside of your wrist near your thumb until you feel your pulse. Look at a watch and count how many beats per minute.

Your resting heart rate should be around 72 per minute. It gets higher as you age and if it's above 90 that's getting kind of high. A well conditioned athlete might be down around 50 at rest.

There's a calculator, below which will help you figure out what your heart rate should be during exercise.

You might be getting panic attacks. I'd go to another doctor if you are getting periodic numbness in your face. Learn to take your pulse so you can tell the doctor what your heart rate is during these episodes because when you go for a checkup it might not be happening.

this is tress ,it do it to me tingling in the face and go numb ,,try relaxation ,keep calm ,,you may be starting panic attacks ,,,,so take it easy and make sure you relax,it will realy help it ,,,but you must realise when you worry things get worse,,,tell your doc you might be having these attacks ,he will advice you how to cope ,and get books out and read up on it ,i bet this is what it is ,,,,

The normal heart rate is between 60 - 100 beats per min. There are many things that can make this number vary. For example, a person's weight, level of activity, and general health. Medications and drugs, along with smoking can make this number different also. If parts of your body are going numb, you need to tell your doctor this, or get a second doctor to look you over. Hope this helps.

The normal range is 60 to 100 bpm. You should learn how to take your own pulse so that you will have a record of this. For all I know you may have an anxiety disorder or you do drugs. You haven't said much - such as how often they occur. In any case, keep a diary of these "events", the date and time they occur, your pulse during these events, what you were doing just prior to these "events" and how long they last. If they occur more than once a day for 3 consecutive days, report it to your doctor.

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