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Mark F
How long could you live if u get stabbed in the heart with a knife?

Nurse Brandi
That's a question only God could answer but your heart would probably go into severe atrial fibrilation and then finally cardiac arrest fairly quick without emergency intervention VERY quickly.

Once all of the blood is pumped out of the heart, like 2 seconds after you were stabbed in it, you would be dead.

You could live forever given the correct conditions, I mean till your natural death anyway, or it could be as little as 1 minute.

Anthony m
Your heart would instantaneously lose the capacity to provide oxygenated blood to the brain, which would cause you to lose consciousness and result in death within minutes.

Brain dies in about three to four minutes after the heart stops.

Michael B
It depends how fast you bleed

Kevin M
This isn't as easy as it looks in the movies because your heart is protected by your sternum (breast bone) and the ribcage, but it can be done and the simple answer is only a couple minutes.

if the knife is still in the heart you can live for about 30 mins if your lucky, bu when that knife is out maybe 10 seconds, so stabb, what happened then dead

Please see Google search for more details on Stab injury to the heart. Injury to the auricles is more fatal than that of ventricles because the walls of the auricles are thinner.

Under two minutes after the knife shifts. If the heart tissue forms a seal around the knife, you can live indefinitely. But if the knife leaves an opening, two minutes at most. Most of that will be spent paralyzed.

The chances of surviving a stab to the heart under any condition is very small.

instant death

you would last for the entire drop to the floor [:

Would guess 3 or 4 minutes for a human, however grisly Bears have been known to travel 1/2 mile with their heart shoot-out.

It depends on where in the heart you got stabbed. If the aorta is stabbed you will bleed out in about a minute and die on the spot. Other heart injuries can be fixed by a skilled surgeon if you get to the hospital in time.

Probably longer than most think, as long as the knife remains in the heart. The second you take it out, your time is limited. But if the wound is corked by the knife you've got a lil more time.

you only have seconds at best the time it takes for your heart to dump 5 quarts of blood out of your body.

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