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How long can a person last with untreated congestive heart failure?
My dad has heart disease, has had angioplasty, then open heart surgery, then a pacer/defibrillator. He's in his early 60's.

Last night he couldn't breathe and went to the ER. He was told that he had congestive heart failure and was give Lasix to get the fluid off his heart. The doctor was very concerned and tried to admit my dad, but my dad refused treatment and left. He has his prescription for the lasix now and is taking it, but he has not taken his blood pressure medicine or his cholesterol medicine in months, and to top it off started smoking again. I'm not sure why.....obviously all those are very stupid things to do. What can we do to get through to him? How long does someone have to last with congestive heart failure?

Please, no rude comments, I realize not taking his meds and smokign are pretty stupid.......I want to know what I can say or tell him to make him realize that the rational thing to do is go back to the ER and have himself admitted for further treatment.
Additional Details
thank you for the answers. I just called my mom to see if she would try to talk some sense in him, but she doesn't act like she really cares. I mean, he quit smoking for months....and all she did was sit in front of him and continue to smoke and puff away. So I really don't know what else to do =( How could he quit when she is right there smoking in front of him all the time?

mary p
On the proper heart meds. he can live for a long time...without, 2- 4 days....
Sounds like he is tired..and DONE!! Just lost my father ..same way..let him go out the way he wants...I, for selfish reasons, wanted to keep him alive...HUGS!!!!!

I know how hard it is to have a parent sick and continuing things that are destructive. But your Dad sounds like he may be rather sick. The blood pressure medicine might be the most important thing to see if you can get him to start taking. The best thing is to suggest things. Like telling your Dad you know some people live very good lives with the problems he has and suggest maybe getting a different cardiac doctor. Ask him if his medicine makes him feel bad. Keep suggesting to your dad that you think he can do better especially if he tries a different doctor. In my opinion doctors are like car mechanics some are good some are not and some can screw up your car. Keep telling your dad that you want him to feel better and see a doctor that he likes and that gives him the plan that has his life improve. Smoking is an addiction and it is not physically as easy for some people as is is for others. Try not to judge your dad-sounds like you are not- then keep suggesting the things you want. Don't tell him what to do there are enough people in his life to do that (doctors) but just keep telling him you think he could do better with a different doctor or different medicine and you want him to be around and feel good.

If he takes care of himself, a decade. Maybe more.

However, with his sudden change of treatment to no treatment and his pick up of bad habits...it is unlikely it will be more than a year. Maybe 2.

it sounds like he is depressed
i cant really estimate how long he will live with untreated CHF
try saying "dad I love you and I dont want you do die, please see the doctor to insure that I will have more years of life with you"

Have you looked at this from your dads point of view? I can mirror all of his symptoms other than having a pacemaker. I went through a phase as he possibly is doing,
"To hell with everything and here I go for broke."
I went to great detail in organizing my own funeral and the disposal of my ashes, perhaps he is moving this way but so far has only managed to think up to the moment of death. Ask him what he wants after death, When my wife suddenly died I had no idea what she wanted and organized things to the best of my ability. Now my daughter and an old friend, (An undertaker) have a written script of what I look for and enough money is stashed away to do it. I would say your dad is searching for something but isn't sure what... talk to him, let him see you are on his side. Tell him from me, he isn't the first to go through this but it is possible to come out feeling OK in the near future. In the last two weeks I have taken an interest in a lady and have started going through some courtship rituals... Two years ago I didn't give myself a month to live... but no one kills thoroughbreds. good luck.

Peter E
Not long.

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