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How bad is a blood pressure of 149 over 100?

The diastolic is the worst. You definitely need to get it down.

that is high, i think 120/80 is normal,,,,, or maybe even lower then that,,,, if its staying like that all the time, i would have it checked by a doctor,,,,,,if its going back down during times of rest/no stress/ no illness, it would be ok

not too bad it could be better though. Try cutting back on red meat.

Yeah! it is pretty high. I think the bottom number is the most important and 100 is high. Blood pressure is based on 120/80 so anything near that is good. I suffer with high blood pressure, it runs in the family. To control it I eat healthy foods, take very little salt and eat very little fats. and I exercise regularly. I had my blood pressure checked last Friday (15th December) and it was 145/77 The doctor was pleased with that and told me it was fine. But of course I am on medication which I will have to take for the rest of my life. My goal is to eventually decrease my medication.
Still when I first had my blood pressure checked I went to the doctor complaining of very bad headaches and when he checked my blood pressure it was......180/120. He said I was lucky to not have had a stoke...or even be alive. I made some drastic changes in my life style after that.

So get to your doctor and seek some advice...you might also need medication.

Jean T
I am not a healthcare professional but I know that the diostolic pressure (The one below e.g. the one at 100) should not be that high at all. My friend has kidney disease and they regulate your blood pressure and she has been told to keep it under 90 at the highest.

Donna M
Bad bad bad. I'm 110/70, which is excellent. See a doctor.

That's high. You should be on medication if it's at that level.

See your GP.

And please don't listen to shirley e, who has her wires badly crossed. If your diastolic (bottom) reading were 180 you would be dead.

Here's a link to a site that gives details of normal and abnormal readings:


That's HIGH........... go see a g.p or nurse

Pretty bad. It should range about 120/80.

normal is 130/80 your on border level go see your doctor cut out salt intake and do some regular exercise and it will come down

It depends on different factors - age, weight, health condition, state at the time or before you have the blood pressure taken, etc. But generally, that's bordeline. You may have slightly high blood pressure, but it is not too bad. I suggest you go see a doctor to get checked out thoroughly and get recommendations for an appropriate diet for you.

It all depends. How old are you, are you male, do you have diabetes??? It is fairly high, esp the 2nd number. (The second number is the pressure in your heart when it is relaxed in between pumps). It is not the best controlled pressure but it depends on what other conditions you have how well you need to control it. If you have diabetes this is too high, and it will put you at risk of eye problems and increase your risk of heart attacks.

I presume you are already under a physician for managing your blood pressure. If not, I would go and see one. A single one-off reading may be erroneous, so you should get it repeated and then the first step will be lifestyle changes (eg smoking, diet) which can help. If this doesnt help, then you will be advised to start taking meds. Dont panic but do go and see a physician and do take their advice seriously.


Not Ecky Boy
You are a naughty boy, mine is 148 over 96 and I get lectured about it all the time.

If you are American, you should be on medication. If you are European, you need to make "lifestyle changes!"

Enjoy life, what's left of it... Coz that blood pressure is BAD, brother.

normal is 120/80. it's high.

It is VERY bad.Normal blood pressure is 120/80.New guidelines were released and physicians now consider this a slightly high normal.I am 42 and mine is 110/70 which is perfect.See you doctor immediately.Not only are you at risk for stroke,but the added pressure on your eyes and kidneys may lead to blindness or kidney failure.He will recommend diet and exercise,but will probably put you on blood pressure medication.

markos m
It is not good, you should see a doctor.

You have hypertension alright.

I don't want to scare you and I don't want to go into the details. You are a candidate for a heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

It is recommended to see your doctor and quit smoking, drinking, and you should watch what you eat to lower your cholesterol level. You should cut down on your stress level too.

If you had a check up and that's why you new your blood pressure, you should return within 2 months to confirm things.

The normal blood pressure is 120 over 80. Pre-hypertension is 120 over 80 to 139 over 89.

This is a serious condition but if you follow the doctors orders then everything will be ok.

depends on patient's age....

in very young people... (below 40 years) it is very bad ... and should be treated aggressivley..

in patients above 40 years... its bad but not "that bad"... it should be tretaed in their case too, though

It's pretty high, actually...

Its high, it needs treatment. Normal is around 120/70 depending on age;

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