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darren o
Heart palpitations?
hello, every now and then i feel a kind of fluttering in my chest and i can feel it beat heavy. it keeps fluttering and i can feel this-its horrible. i was wondering if this is dangerous and what causes it.

I suffer "palpatations" too, mine are an irregular pause followed by a huge thud, and these can cause me to go dizzy. My doc told me that they are not life threatening but severe ones could cause a me to black out, god forbid I'm driving at the time!!! Currently taking beta blockers and this has sorted it out, but prior to the tablets I found cleaning up my act, exercising, quitting smoking, eating properly, and heres the killer, stopping drinking put an end to them. The beta blockers came about when I was pregnant and my bloodpressure shot up, must admitt I don't relish the idea of coming off them.

I get the same thing. Ive been to a cardiologist and had an EKG done. what i have is called PVC's or premature ventricular conractions. They are not harmful and most of the time happen for no reason. Stress and caffeine can make it worse so try to limit both, but really you should see a doctor to make sure everything is A-Okay. He will probably order a 24 hr holtor monitor and a EKG.

I have had the same thing happen to me and my doctor says not to worry. But everyone is different. You should get it checked just in case. It might also be stress or anxiety. But you have a doctor check you out to be on the safe side.

palpitations are good they tell you your heart is working ok, but not to often you should only drink decaff coffee,

It can be signigicant. Best to see the Cardiologist, possibly even try a heart monitor for a while to record the incident.

Best wishes

Palpitation is a symptom, kindly check it out if is frequent or in excited it's normal. However see a good cardiologist to rule out any cardiac disease.

Will watch this with baited breath, as your not on your own here!

it could be but not necessary maybe just palpitation due to panic over something trivial go to docs anyway

happy trucker
Get it checked as soon as possible by your doc best to be on the safe side.

There are tons of causes ranging from a very serious cardiomyopathy and similar heart conditions to anxiety to excitement. It is only dangerous if it lasts a long while.

lots of reasons
too much drinking
if it continues you need to get it checked out.

Your problem sounds very much like you are suffering from episodic cardiac arrythmias (irregular heart beats) . There are at least a hundred types of arrythmias,many of which are' innocent' i.e. the do not impair the proper functioning of the heart.

The causes are numerous and include cigarettes,alcohol,stress,
etc.etc. though a large proportion are idiopathic(of no known cause).

It becomes serious when the underlying cause may be Ischaemic Heart Disease or other similar serious cardiac diseases. Also when ,if during the episode , you feel weak,dizzy and lighheadedness or you loose consciousness.

Whatever the cause or/and its effects any cardiac arrythmia should be carefully examined and fully investigated by a Cardiologist as early as possible.

Innocent and/or idiopathic arrythmias should only be diagnosed after exclusion of all serious aspects, and that ,as soon as possible.

any doctor, upon your check up will ask you important questions like - how old are you? are you smoking? is there a familial history of any cardiac diseases? - these are all related if indeed you feel heart palpitations...

QUESTION: 1.)is your climbing to stairs now same before? 2.)do you get tired soon after doing chores or job maybe associated with angina(chest pain)? 3.)do you feel like drowning when you sleep? 4.)do you have pain radiating to your left arm or posterior neck? 5.) do you feel like having hyperacidity?6.)did you just broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend perhaps? 7.)have you been crying a lot lately, or are you emotional stressed lately?

if you answer atleast 2yes from question 1-5, i suggest you seek professional advice from your cardiologist....and if you answer yes from question 6-7 , i suggest you confront your problems with might.

good luck, hoping you are fine...

You may want to call your doctor just to make sure you are okay. My mother had heart palpation's and now she is on medication. Good Luck.

Odds are it's low blood pressure, I had a COPD med cause that

Try a few potato chips, (salt) see if that stops the problem

I now have a battery operated blood pressure unit

Wendy H
I have this sometimes as well, so does my brother. I have had several doctors tell me that it is due to stress. Taking a deep beath seems to make it stop and makes me feel better...get back to normal. If this happens often, you should see your primary care doctor and wear a haltar monitor. This will track your heart rate for 24 hours and they will be able to tell if you need to have a stress test, ecg, or ultra sound. Lay off of the caffeine, this could be part of the problem too.

Spiny Norman
Palpitations are common and can be caused by drinking too much coffee, tea, certain medication, or stress. They are rarely serious and I would not worry unless you have them for prolonged periods. I suffered a skipped or fluttering heartbeat for about a month three years ago. When mine stopped my wife suffered the same. I can only assume that it was a virus, since neither of us have had any trouble since!

See a doctor for goodness sakes!!!;

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