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howie winton
Heart attack . can i claim disability allowance?
im 62 yrs old

just because you've had a heart attack doesn't say your close to death!! at 80 i had a triple by-pass and five people who i got to know in the ward returned to work after i year or before two of them as for myself i was already retired but if my age hadn't been against me i could have gone back to work so think positive and get back to work it will set you back to good health again but no smoking is a golden rule and keep away from alcohol and watch your weight

Yes, if you doctor thinks that it would be unsafe for you to work. You would need to speak to them to see how much time you are going to require to recuperate. Heart attacks are by nature very stressful so taking time to comprehend what has happened is also essential so if you dont feel ready to work contact your gp and he will probably sign you off.

jackie m
if your doctor said you cant work then you need sick lines to be sent away for 26 weeks then you would be sent for a medical to assess the problem and if you are found to be unable to work you will then get disability allowance - which is very hard to get- they will tell you to consider a light job.

for a guess only if you are unable to work, this will need to be verified by your cardiologist or heart specilist, try contacting the citizens advice bureau

If you can't work and this is a long term problem then yes.

if you cant work yes

Dr Frank
Not simply because you have had a heart attack. Patients in general get disability allowance because they have a disability, not simply because they have a disease.

People who have had heart attacks should not consider themselves disabled, but increase their levels of exercise,stop smoking and try and reach their ideal weight. It better that you consider this your last warning to improve your lifestyle than a life sentence.

hi my name is laura my hubby is 52 and he has heart probs and he claims it so yes you can

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