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 Is 102 over 74 a normal blood pressure?
My wife is 36 that is her blood pressure is that normal or a little low?
Additional Details
Thank you for the importent input you all!...

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Is this blood pressure ok? Im 23, Male. 143 systolic and 82 diastolic and 56bpm....

 I know that the heart is a muscle, then what is the brain ?

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 Nursing Home?
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my right arm was 151/101 & my left arm was 135/84, it was like that all weekend....

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 My blood pressure measured 139 over 68 at the docs today. Is this a reason for concern?
I am 27, 5 ft 8 and 160 pounds....

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 Help! blood pressure problem!!!!!!!!?
i am in my late teens and i already have high blood pressure (140 over 110). im not all that over weight (MAYBE 10lbs) but no more.
what is the quickest way i could lower my blood pressure to ...

 Blood pressure/heart issues??
OK please don't say go to the HOSPITAL !! I don't feel i need to yet and i have a dr. appt tomorrow ... my question is that i am on a hydro pill (hydrochlorozide?? or something like that) ...

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 Stroke help? Are they deadly?
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Fast heart beat and low blood pressure?
i dont eat a lot of certain types of food and i'm not overweight. my fast heart beat is not because of caffeine because i dont have caffeine and i dont have a lot of salt. every time i do a fast movement i get a head rush and i get blackouts. ive seen my doctor for my fast heart beat and he says i have anxiety probs but i know i dont because im such a calm and relaxed person. i try to have sweet things when my blood pressure drops a lot but if i constantly have sweet things i will just get fat.
so does anyone know why my heart beats fast and my blood pressures always low?
Additional Details
i forgot to say i do have anemia but an anemic person doesnt get a head rush EVERY time they do a fast movement.

The normal heart rate is usully between 60-90 beats/min and the blood pressure range is from 90-120 mm Hg (systolic). First check if you really have a fast heart beat and a low blood pressure comparing with these levels. Most likely you would fall in this range so just relax. There is a good amount of individual variation in these between individuals. One good way to avoid blackouts is to have lemonade adding a pinch of salt (you need to add salt to prevent your BP falling) before you start any strenuous activity, will surely help.

maheswari m
This Patient Guide is written for the loved ones of heart patients who are dealing with the short-term stress that comes with a test, procedure or recent diagnosis of heart disease. It explains why support is so important to a loved one with heart disease. It also offers practical strategies on how to support a loved one while also taking care of yourself.

The Teacher
See another doctor. Obviously this one is a quack! You shouldn't be blacking out. See a heart specialist.

It is worthwhile seeing your family doctor if you have a very fast heart rate it can cause low blood pressure. Eating something sweet will not help your blood pressure you should treat it by taking something to drink.

you need to get to an emergency room asap my mom is a nurse and she told me that can lead to heart failure good luck

You need a second opinion. This is not normal. Anxiety can account for raised heart rate but not low blood pressure and black outs. See someone else.

chandrasekharam b
Anemia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and a heart disease are the general causes for the symptoms and signs you are complaining of. So please consult your Doctor for a detailed examination, necessary investigations and advice / treatment.

Teri D
One common cause of a low blood pressure with high pulse rate is dehydration. The thing is a person needs to know what is your heart rate? What is your BP? In nursing you do a test checking your BP lying down, sitting, and then standing up....a variation of 15 or more points would indicate you are dehydrated. You can get a head rush from getting up too quickly if you are hypotensive (low blood pressure). Sweets aren't going to affect your blood pressure. Try increasing your fluid intake, have something like Gatorade rain for the electrolytes and then see how you feel. Regarding stress and anxiety....you would be amazed at the symptoms a person can have from these conditions, all you have to do is research to see.

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